This soup also brings me feelings of happiness; as it was one of the soups my cousin and her husband cooked and brought for me one of the times they visited, along with the feast of food they prepared. The soup frozen and meant for my family to easily heat up on busy nights. It is the little things like this that makes me appreciate and love life the way I love it. The beauty of showing someone in little ways you matter and they care.

This winter melon soup is perfect for the summer time! My mom had always told me it was a “cooling” soup, meaning it has attributes that can help your body cool down on hot days or when you’ve been a lot of not so healthy things like chips, cookies and fried stuff. I think it’s a Chinese thing.

Well any type of melon reminds me of summer and this was comforting on a summer evening and great for right after a trip eating mostly not so healthy things. It’s light, refreshing and perfect with such simple ingredients.

Recipe follows after the Picture Walk:


1 slice of winter melon skin off and cut into size of your liking

1 pack or about 1 lb of pork rib or bone

1 tbsp (more or less) goji berries

8-10 cups of water

3-5 slices of ginger

Fish sauce and salt to taste (I out about 4 tbsp of fish sauce this time)

Optional 1 tsp chicken powder


1- Throw in everything except winter melon and goji berries and bring to boil; and cook on medium low for about 20 minutes.


I add the seasoning at the end, but you can add it ahead of time if you wish.

2- Add in wintermelon and cook for about 30-40 minutes on medium low/low.

3- Add in goji berries and cook for about 2 minutes

4- Add fish sauce and salt to taste.


I’ve had this soup with no salt when I was watching my salt intake due to the high blood pressure scare I had and it was still amazing- the wintermelon brings out the refreshing aspects of the soup and the fiber imparts a great earthy flavor. You can read more about that in my How to Relax post.

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What are some of your favorite Summer Time Soups?

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