It’s one of those mornings where I wake up and think, there nothing to have for breakfast! We had cereal too many days already this week, the pancake batter we usually make is bought premade and has dairy; eggs, Olivia’s allergic to as well; what doesn’t have eggs or dairy? Usually, we let her “cheat” on her diet and let her have a slice of cake or piece of chocolate even though there’s dairy in those as well. I could heat up leftover pesto, but there’s cheese and pine nuts in them; I could heat up the Yaki Udon from dinner the other night, but there’s sesame in it. It’s not the easiest to create food for a family when a child ha o many different food allergies; however, I am forever grateful still only modestly allergic.The last few weeks, her eczema has been particularly worse than usual (The heat can make it worse too), so when they happens, we usually strictly cut out all things she’s allergic to, no matter how small to let her body recover before adding tidbits of things she’s allergic to again.

I was telling my husband this morning over FaceTime since he’s working that I have nothing to feed them. We haven’t gone to Costco for a week! Cheesy as that sounds, he said “You’re Hopscotch Mom, come up with something.” I pondered on that a bit and though it was true, there’s always something. I regained confidence and was determined to make one thing perfect for breakfast. Sometimes, all it takes is a little positive affirmation to get the wheels turning again!

I saw the bag of potatoes sitting there and thought, “If there are potatoes, there’s always a meal to be made out of it.” I usually bake it, so I can do other things, like focus on the main course of a meal, but pan frying it gives it a different texture, flavor and take it from a typical snack or side of baked potato fries to the main star of a dish. Crispy pan-fried Fries for breakfast, anyone?

I’m sure everyone has a favorite piece, just like how people have a favorite piece of brownie? I live for the little crispy pieces!


Potatoes (I used about 4) cut up however you want- we did French Fry Sticks

Fancy Paprika and Salt to taste 4 tbsp oil to start (add more if needed)


1-Heat up 4 tbsp oil for 3-4 minutes on low.

2- Put the potato sticks in one layer to cover the bottom of non stick pan and increase heat a little to medium low.

3- Put the lid on and let steam cook for estimated time of 5-8 minutes.

4- Open lid and mix around (parts of it should’ve turned a little brown already-if not, recover and steam cook for another 3-4 minutes before mixing it yet again-I find that this steams it, but get the side that’s down brown and crispy too).

4- Repeat for another 2 times and then leave the lid open to finish cooking and getting crispy.

5- Crisp on pan on medium low for about another few minutes each until most sides are brown and crispy.

*Note-I didn’t really time the exact time for this and eyeballed it based on how the fries looked and tasted the little cooked piece to see if it was crispy and cooked enough; then I tried the larger fry to see if that was cooked.

The kids like it with ketchup and mayonnaise (mostly mayonnaise actually-Olivia had it with Veganaise ). What condiments do you like to have with your French fry? Sometimes, I like it plain with just a little sprinkle of salt.

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