Does this look familiar mamas? Tuna Crust Sandwich with blueberries and banana. The girls added on a chip because they said I needed a chip to go with it💕😂

I used to make my own sandwich until I realize I end up overeating, due to not wanting to waste food and eating all their perfectly fine leftovers. They seldom finish what I make for them anyway. When they’re older I think I’ll leave the crust on,as they are most likely going to finish it all. For now, I don’t mind my Tuna Crust Sandwich. Yummy, crispy crunch goodness. Plus, I have my own stash of extra tuna salad on the side to go with it. We love our children and give them the best we can; but we need to remember to take care and feed ourselves well too. Time to time, I need to remind myself.

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