R E V I E W,   T H O U G H T S  

&  R E F L E C T I O N 

 I was thrilled when Trekology was able to provide their Lightweight Aluminum Foldable Table for Review! I’ve been looking for some time now for a solution to keep sand out of our water bottles and drinks, as well as a table light and small enough to bring for my family’s travels, since we do whenever we can.  Somehow, our closed water bottles still always managed to get kicked down sideways on the beach mat. Fresh sip of water with a crunch of sand, anyone? No thanks! Due to the rain, the very hot summer and circumstances during our trips this year, we didn’t get to take advantage of this table, as much as we wanted to.

Accordion Style Fold and an Elastic Sturdy String to hold it all together when you’re done with it.
Where the points of the table snaps in to hold that table up.
Great grip on the bottom of the table-we put it on top of our large mat, but it would work great in the sand, dirt, mud or wherever you are adventuring.

Upon receiving it, I was immediately drawn to how attractive, lightweight and compact it was. As per their description on Amazon, “This table is built with an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that is coated with beautiful metallic colors.” My husband was able to put it together after watching the video how-to just once. Seriously, NO TOOLS REQUIRED!  I couldn’t believe it folded down to the size of a child’s beach chair. When you are a family of 5, and three of the five are kids, there is just a lot carry!  I would like the opportunity to put the table together myself and will be updating this review later on after I do, so stay tuned!

Very sturdy and handy. It can pretty much hold anything you could possible need at the beach: food, fanny packs (wallets, keys, phone), drinks, sunscreen, etc. Everything is table and sturdy on the table, but if you plan to move it ,remember there should be proper distribution of weight on top to prevent everything from falling over; after all, one of the gems of this table is that it is super, super lightweight!

The table was easy to stuff into a swim bag. I was able to carry ours easily in my backpack, along with the children’s beach toys during our July 4th trip to the beach. We ended up putting it in our beach wagon on the way back to the car. The slim design was a huge plus and it can be easily be thrown anywhere, or carried by hand because it was so light. It can hold up to 50lbs when the weight is evenly distributed on the table. I don’t believe we put 50lbs on the table, but it was able to hold all our stainless steel water bottles and other beach essentials well. It is sturdy enough to bring to camping and you can even chop and/ or cook on it. I haven’t tried that out yet, but I will update my post once I do.

We purchased food at the food stand at the beach and it came handy to hold everything up and kept our drinks upright the entire time and kept sand out of the food! I highly recommend this table for people who plan to spend all day at the beach, especially if you plan to eat, play, snack, nap, swim and repeat! Our kids were able to play, snack and find their water bottle, without a problem because everything was readily available and conveniently set up on the table for easy access.

All in all, I would have say my husband and I love this table and recommend it to anyone who loves to frequent the beach, camping or those who love travel or go on impromptu adventures. This table is waterproof, simple to set up, lightweight, collapsible, space saving and definitely the ultimate take it anywhere table for all your explorations! We’ve been tempted to even bring it out for use in the house and take advantage of its usability by creating an instant side table, coffee table, book table, lamp table, boardgames table and more. The number of ways you can use this table is wherever your creativity takes you!

S W I M M I N G   H O L E S

SPLIT ROCK COXING KILL Swimming Hole- Please see post on New Paltz and High Falls Itinerary for full post! The relatively flat pavement of the area surrounding the swimming hole would’ve been perfect for the table to set up.

We love to travel whenever we can. Since discovering swimming holes one year, we now try to find them and fit them into our itineraries, wherever we go! There’s just something so special about hanging out, amidst all natural swimming zone. It feels special because it feels as if we city dwellers discovered a secret part of nature’s beauty; visiting nature’s home. It feels great to be surrounded by people like ourselves, that come and try to appreciate the swimming holes and what they have to offer; its like a common feeling and purpose why everyone is there; trying to escape life a little, that isn’t always easy and maybe work, that can often times be stressful. We actually did bring the table and had it in our car to bring to the Big deep Swimming Hole in our Catskills Trip, but we didn’t get to use it because our trip was unplanned and cut short this time; and we didn’t get to pick up food before heading there that day. You can read more about our swimming hole experience in my Catskills, NY Itinerary.

Big Deep Swimming Hole: The water was muddier than usual because it rained just the night before. It would’ve been ideal to set up camp with our table and picnic blanket and spend more than just two hours we had spent due to mosquitos this time (again, most likely attributed to the rain the night before).  

C A P E   M A Y,  N J 

Another opportunity to use it this summer was during our Cape May, NJ Trip, but again, we did not get to. When you are traveling with a group, especially with several families, we usually go with the flow and plan to day according to the consensus and try not to keep track of the time too much. The amazing hoagie shop we planned to visit there turned out to be closed just ten minutes before we realized they were closing, so we didn’t get to buy our sandwiches in time for our annual visit to Sunset Beach. I had planned a Sunset Picnic for the group, but we were having so much fun, we lost track of time! When you’re on vacation, I suppose losing track of time, is a good thing. Rather than having a Sunset Picnic, we got to truly baste in the sunset and watch the children play and bond with their cousins. The cousins see each other usually for family events or birthday parties, but to see them play (just good old, no rush kind of play) is just something so warm to the heart. These moments, I hope they remember how they felt when they were with those that they love, laughing, building, being silly and take turns burying each other under the sand, for years to come. I hope these moments will be a little piece of love and happiness that they can look back on and come to during happy times and not so happy times in their lives ahead, to remind them there are always good days ahead and family to count on, no matter where they are in their life.

Cape May, NJ 2018

How was everyone’s summer vacation this year, now that you can reflect on it? By now, I’m sure many of your kids are already back to school? What was your favorite summer trip this year?

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