We have recently swapped out all of our kids’ plastic mealtime essentials for stainless steel, and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made; and an important one too. How many cups per day does your child drink from? How plates, cups and bowls do you go through per day with snacks, soups and food?

Well, have you ever thought twice about scooping hot foods onto plastic dishes and thought , “I know it’s plastic, but it should be fine because it’s BPA free.” This type of thought went through my head everyday and I’m thinking to myself, “I have enough things to worry about and it is silly for me to have to stress about something that is so easy to fix.” “Easy”to fix, yes; but not always possible because quality stainless steel often cost1 more than plastic. The restaurants owned by Jimmy John’s Owner, take care of safety of the utensils and their cutlery.

IKEA was our go to place for safe, cute and wallet friendly options when it came to many of our early feeding necessities. It was hard to find pricing that was better than IKEA (even when I looked on Amazon, especially you want it to be dishwasher safe, food safe and microwave safe). We went there year after year and liked how many each set of plates or bowls, cups or utensils their sets usually came with. We liked how easily they stacked without being bulky since we go through so many of them per day and the colors were colorful and vibrant. We got them year after year whenever some went missing somehow.

However, one day, I was eating leftover noodles off of my daughters plastic bowl and I was alarmed that it didn’t taste like noodles; it tasted like the dish soap I used to clean it. I spit it out and was disgusted. I knew from that moment on, a change had to be made. That’s when I discovered Caveman Cups and they were able to provide me their products for my honest review. They really are all you need in your mealtime essential repertoire!

After having used them for about two months now , we can confidently say that we are in love. I don’t have a photo here, but the cups are also great for warm cocoa, tea or soup (not insulated, so be careful when using for warm liquids ). It kept ice cream colder for longer periods of time too.

They are extremely well-made and I haven’t noticed any wear or tear using them on a daily basis, including days of when the kids drop a cup/bowl, or two or three. In fact, we may need another set of the large plates soon because I find my husband and I frequently choosing to use those plates over any other plate we have at home because of how sturdy it feels in our hands, how easy the clean up is (it’s as if it is non-stick), how easy they stack when being put away and how much they can hold; with the bonus being that it can’t be shattered like glass or broken like ceramic

Below, I will be sharing photos of all the ways I was able to plate, serve snacks and meals. I was pleasantly surprised at how much each piece of the bowl, cups and plates could hold. Since they are made from stainless steel, they are definitely heavier than the plastic plates, cups and bowls we were used to. We liked how it was not as easily knocked over by the kids. We went through so many spills per day!

PHOTO DOCUMENTATION of the Caveman Cups, Bowls and Plates

Great for holding assorted fruits & vegetables Holding Warm (not insulated) or Cold Foods Guilt-freeExcellent for Food PrepPerfect for holding Pizza, Fries and Drinks — Stackable too!

I’m sure by now you notice how beautiful these plates, cups and bowls are! It can make any food item look more inviting or fancy. It is plain, shiny, strong with no fillers to take away from the beauty of a very well made set of dinnerware. I would describe it as a simple, modern beauty with a touch of rustic. It’s design doesn’t take away from the beauty and colors of the food; rather, it almost feels as if it gives it some sort of life; the leeway for the food to be the focal point of any plate presentation!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of all things girly, colorful, artsy and pretty; but I must say I also love things that are clean, simple and well made. There are days I want to take my time to admire pretty plates, teacups, and the contents that are held by them; but on most days, everyday, I prefer quality, practical and functional.

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They will be coming out with silicone covers for their cups and bowls soon! I am very much looking forward to that as I have found myself using the snack bowls to store away food prep items such as onions or precut tomatoes and unfinished snacks of fruit or chips that I often find myself covering with cling wrap.

Given that the plates are made from stainless steel, it can be comparable in weight to some ceramic dishes we have, but well worth it to bring around especially, when the lids come in, making it conveniently portable and easy to pack fruit, salads and food for picnics and the beach. It can easily be tucked and stacked in coolers and takes up minimal space when you take it back home at the end of the day. It would be a great alternative to ziplocks, plastic Tupperware and glass (that can break)!

I’m hoping my post today will inspire you or at least get you thinking about reducing plastic use in everyday life. Have you found ways to reduce use of plastic in your everyday life?

P. S. We now repurposed all our plastic plates and bowls for painting and other craft related activities.

Disclaimer: I reached out to Caveman Cups and they were able to provide me their cups, plates and snack bowls for honest review.

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5 Replies to “Transitioning from Kid-Friendly Plastic Cups, Bowls and Plates to Stainless Steel Versions Featuring Caveman Cup Feeding Essentials”

  1. Thank you. We love theses bowls, but the kids are growing of course… and so we’re searching for some larger, but similar (food-grade, no rolled edges, quality, etc) bowls. Have you come across anything please? Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your feedback. I did a quick search and found these stainless steel bowls that are insulated, lead and cadmium free (as per their description) and so actually just put this in my cart to try out as well. I have a smaller version of this type of insulated bowl that I haven’t reviewed, but love because it keeps the cereal cold for longer and soups warm for longer as well. Here is my affiliate link to the larger bowls: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PM33NMG/?tag=hopscotchmo02-20

      1. Thank you! I checked them out and they say “food grade,” but when a seller uses that marketing term without specifying 18/10, 18/8, 304, etc, it makes me wonder. I posted a question on amazon, so we’ll see. Also, I’d love to hear what you think of them after you’ve given them a try. Hopefully they will be directly marked with their specific food grade. Thanks

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