So what can you do with. String of lights? Read on to find out some of the ways we like to use the lights at our home.

The set we have, we picked up from an IKEA trip. Some days we use light to make our playspacemore inviting. A string of lights did it just right and transformed the Playspace to a place wheee they immediately went to get all their stuffed animals . We had a 11AM “Sleepover” with animal friends, reading, snacking and having pretend tea.

The fort “stand” are actually sofa pieces we purchased from Nugget Comfort. We think this sofa idea is genius! It is very comfortable and the covers are well made, washable and even slightly a little water resistant (won’t absorb the spill if you clean it up immediately when you see the water start to bead). I plan to do another post on all the ways you can play using the Comfort Nugget. Subscribe here to receive email updates on all my latest posts or on Instagram and like me on Facebook to get the latest updates!

When I am not using it to create a magical scene for play, I use it with clips to display their art work. It really makes their work feel special and appreciated. It’s a great “frame” without the frame and it’s easily adjustable to far different lengths of their artwork.

We don’t have the lights on all day, just for parts of it at a time, unless we are having a party and using it in the dining room to add brightness to that room that holds trays of food on one table and crafts supplies and cake on the other.

The other day, we used it to create a stage for karaoke. They were singing and dancing with their little Pom-pom tutus and jamming to Mother Goose Club! You can even invite the kids to do a Talent Show to show off their skipping, jumping or yoga moves, put on a Puppet Show or Show and Tell about their favorite art pieces.

From Creating an Inviting Playspace, Decorating a Party Room, Highlighting and Displaying Artwork, Setting up a Stage to dance and sing, the possibilities are endless. What do you like to do with a string of lights? Please share your ideas below and help our list grow!

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