Now a little about how I came up with the name of the blog:

HOPSCOTCH is a playground game in which players toss a small object onto a number on the ground and then hop or jump through the spaces to retrieve the object.

I came up with the name because I feel like I am in a game of hopscotch all the time as a mom. I have so many tabs open in my head day in and day out. So many things I have to do, so much planning and the pressure in being the best mom I can be to my girls. The pressure to feed them wholesome home cooked food, to plan the most geniuine birthday parties that celebrate who they are, the pressure to keep them busy, do crafts, give them the means so that they can be as creative and most expressive they can be and eventually guiding them so that they can grow up to be the most empathetic, kind, happy and confident human beings.

What does mom have to do to show her children that she loves them? Does she have to have it together all the time? Should she feel guilty if things aren’t always perfect? Being mom is a learning journey. You first become a parent for the first time when you have your first child. Your child  becomes a child to you for the very first time, when they are born. Don’t be hard on yourself. You and your children are learning together. Life is an adventure in itself and everyone is striving to learn something new everyday, whether it be in the people they meet, the experiences they encounter, the food they try, or a new hobby they are trying to learn.

Parenthood is a journey that shouldn’t be taken so seriously all the time. Whereever that pebble lands on the pavement, you do what you have to do to reach your destination. Whatever parenthood throws at you, you have to get up and find a way to grow from it. Surround yourself with people who support you and lift your spirits.

I’m creating this blog for myself and other parents to connect and share ideas on all things child related. Topics include:

HOPSCOTCH Arts & Crafts (arts and craft ideas)

HOPSCOTCH Books (brief review of children’s books)

HOPSCOTCH Food (meals made with love in my kitchen)

HOPSCOTCH Inspiration (words of wisdom that inspire)

HOPSCOTCH Parenting (helpful parenting information)

HOPSCOTCH Parties (meaningful themed birthday party ideas; supplies list; menu)

HOPSCOTCH Play (brief review of toys and products)

HOPSCOTCH Reflection (reflections on being all things Mom/ parent related)

HOPSCOTCH Travel (including full day trip Itineraries with basic site/store/ restaurant info; what to pack)

May we share and learn from each other in this hopscotch journey of parenthood!

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