LEGO Play!

How often do you stop and truly PLAY with your child(ten)? I encourage you to stop what you are doing at least once this month to just play! You will see your kids’ face light up, like never before. You, their parent who is usually working or cooking, cleaning or folding; it’s the most intriguing and endearing thing to them to see you laugh, be creative and play like a kid ! You are their role model. You are the person your child looks up to; their first teacher; their inspiration. What are you telling/ showing your child when you stop what you’re doing to play with them ? How does that make them feel? How does that make you feel?

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Olivia’s 6th Birthday- Thunderstorm Party

Thunderstorm Themed Party inspired by senses. Hail-Ci-cles, tornado tops, pop rocks, raindrop jellybeans , lifesaver wintergreen spark, dried flowers, mod podge drizzle, marble painting, sensory calm tube, calm after the storm, comfort food.

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