Temper Tamers Jar

These Temper Tamers Set Of cards by Free Spirit Publishing are a great for children to practice dealing with anger. The more often someone repeatedly practices listening, sharing and reflecting, the more a person makes it part of their lifestyle; and they carry on with these healthy habits of coping until they are adults. I also really like the order of the cards where the children get to first connect the card to self by sharing, then include tips on what to do when you come across angry feelings, a what would you do section to ask openly what you would do in a situation involving anger and act it out section to reiterate and practice what has been learned!

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Esme’s 3rd Birthday with a Pikachu Themed Party

Esme Turns 3 in this Pikachu Inspired Themed Children’s Birthday Party!

Activities and games include:

Pikachu Bean Bag Toss
–> Because Pikachu love red foods
Pin the Electric Shocks on Pikachu’s Cheeks
–> Because Pikachu gets charged when he sleeps
Pikachu Maze
–> Did you know Pikachu is a mouse?
Pikachu Animal Hopsital
–> Because Pikachu is different from Other Pokémons and doesn’t like to be in the pokeball– he likes to be out with his pal, Ash. He also likes to help others. And so, we made a Animal Hospital where Pikachu gets to show kindness by taking care of pets that have been “hurt”
Pikachu Red light, green light 1,2,3
–> Don’t wake Pikachu! He needs sleep to recharge.

Read on for photos, link to the video clip and full supply list for Pikachu Inspired Birthday Party!

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Plastic to Wooden Cutting Board featuring Virginia Boys Kitchen Walnut Wood Cutting Boards

Why I switched to a wood cutting board. A review of Virginia Boys Kitchen Walnut Wood Cutting Boards. Responsibly made in the USA, using all natural materials and sustainably sourced local wood. They stand behind their cutting boards and offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

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Korean Beansprouts Two Ways

Beansprout soup, like Miso Soup, I love to make for the girls for either breakfast or dinner during school days. It’s nutritious and loaded with beansprout, garlic, scallions and dried sardines.
After a long day at school, often eating salty and dried foods, having this for dinner I feel helps balance whatever they had at school all day. I love how versatile the soup is and how if you are watching your salt intake, it’s easy to control or go sans salt altogether and add extra Korean red pepper powder.

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