Hick’s Nurseries- Christmas Wonderland

Have you picked out your Christmas tree yet this year? Do you love unique plants and Winter Wonderland? Maybe all the holiday shopping online has been draining you of the Christmas spirit? Living in New York all my life, I really can’t believe I’ve ever been here. My husband found this place and we have been meaning to go for years now, but we never had a chance to, until now. It will now be a yearly trek to Long Island to visit Hick’s Nurseries. You come here and you feel as if you’ve traveled in time, back into childhood if days that beautiful trees and ornaments filled your eyes with awe, minds with magic and heart with joy. Come and reminisce on those nostalgic memories of childhood days, where you learn to live in the moment and appreciate the little things that spark great joy.

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Filipino Style Bitter melon (Ampalaya) Egg Scramble with Tomatoes

Filipino style scrambled bitter melon with egg and tomatoes. After sprinkling the bittermelon with salt, the bitterness is barely noticeable and you are left with a slightly smoky flavored pepper. The garlic, scrambled egg and tomatoes make this dish humbly delicious.

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Korean Beansprouts Two Ways

Beansprout soup, like Miso Soup, I love to make for the girls for either breakfast or dinner during school days. It’s nutritious and loaded with beansprout, garlic, scallions and dried sardines.
After a long day at school, often eating salty and dried foods, having this for dinner I feel helps balance whatever they had at school all day. I love how versatile the soup is and how if you are watching your salt intake, it’s easy to control or go sans salt altogether and add extra Korean red pepper powder.

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Pan fried tofu with Hoisin Sunflower butter Sauce

This was created on a busy weeknight and inspired by the sauce I made for the Fishball and Cheong Fun Recipe I did earlier this month. I like that I get to control how much sauce I put. The sunflower butter and Sweet Sauce is a perfect pair and if you learn this, it will go a long way because it goes well with many varieties is if dishes.

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Easy Chinese Take-out Fried Chicken Wings

You can’t really go wrong with fried chicken wings. Seriously , you can probably just add salt to the chicken wing and flour them, deep fry them and they will be tasty. It’s something about the crispy, yet chewy Unami flavor of the first juicy bite. Not matter how you fry it, it’s just tasty in its own way. This recipe for Chinese take-out chicken wings is super simple and satisfying.

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