Children are 100% our Future

Children are 100% our future.
School age children that attend school often spend more time in their day with teachers, than their families. Families also play an essential role in shaping the minds of the children that they also spend time with.

As I reflected all day about what to share on social media, I thought about why I chose to become a teacher, and an early childhood teacher at that and how the education a child receives becomes embedded into their character from the moment a child is born.

How can we achieve equity, equality and embrace diversity when lower income neighborhoods get funded less than higher income neighborhoods? How is this fair? How is this just?

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Sweet Corn Arepas (Corn Cakes) with Cheese

Ridiculously quick and easy sweet corn arepas filled with mozzarella or whatever you please! Just add water and milk of your choice (I used oat milk). Looking forward to trying these arepas out with different toppings such as pulled pork and refried beans- imagine these with a fried egg on top or scrambled egg with and cheese – so many possibilities #hopscotch_mom, #sweetcornarepas, #hopscotchfood, #instafood

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A Tribute to Teachers Poem

A Tribute to Teachers Poem for Teacher Appreciation Week written by a fellow educator.

“Teachers are real life superheroes.

Teachers spend all their lives being teachers, not just on the days they teach.

Teachers always think about their students- what can they do to ignite their curiosity and their love of learning.

Teachers go grocery shopping b and come home with food for their families and a lesson on how to introduce a social studies unit on cultures and diversity.

Teachers go on a nature walk and think how they can bring nature indoors- and hot down ideas to share in the science unit they are doing.

Teachers stock their house even when they might not have space on clearance art materials, coffee filters, markers, paints, plastic containers, folders and more.

Teachers hoard toys and goodies to store in their treasure boxes

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Super Easy Filipino Shrimp Palabok Rice Noodles

Easy Filipino Palabok or Shrimp Gravy Rice Noodles. Essentially, it is rice noodles topped with shrimp gravy (often made by using the inside of shrimp heads, which helps yield its ridiculously flavorful sauce)), topped with crispy garlic, crushed chicharron, sliced boiled eggs, chopped up scallions and lemon to taste. The only thing you need to prep is the crispy garlic, chopped scallions and lemon wedges. The shrimp and noodles cook super fast!

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Homemade Dumpling Fun with Kids

Making dumpling with kids is pretty much the same as making edible play doh! We did homemade play doh earlier this month for a school assignment and little did I realize how both doughs use the same ingredients, salt, flour and water–except dumpling wrappers uses warm or hot water and play doh uses room temperature water. All you need is flour, salt, hot water, kid friendly knife, cutting boards , rolling pins with the filling of your choice! Cute aprons totally optional! A great way to bond as a family and kids get hands one, real life hands in learning! Plus, the mini cutting boards and rolling pins can work for so many other things and I plan Rn do them all with the kids–pizza, pupusas, samosas, tortillas and more!

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Easy Mini Corn Dogs

Not sure if I know any kid or any one that doesn’t like mini foods or food on a stick! I may be making a separate list on a at home Carnival Day one of these days. But for now, I’m proud to present the most perfect corn dogs with the perfect light and crispy exterior, soft and somewhat fluffy interior and juicy hot dog in the middle- the perfect ball me of rich, yet light and just a little salty and sweet. These Mini corn dogs are so easy to make and so tasty. A great pick me upper and it makes a day at home seem like a carnival day. All you need is hot dogs, flour, masa harina (or cornmeal ), milk, salt,‘pepper, baking powder egg and sugar. Use the leftover batter to fry cheese sticks!

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