Temper Tamers Jar

These Temper Tamers Set Of cards by Free Spirit Publishing are a great for children to practice dealing with anger. The more often someone repeatedly practices listening, sharing and reflecting, the more a person makes it part of their lifestyle; and they carry on with these healthy habits of coping until they are adults. I also really like the order of the cards where the children get to first connect the card to self by sharing, then include tips on what to do when you come across angry feelings, a what would you do section to ask openly what you would do in a situation involving anger and act it out section to reiterate and practice what has been learned!

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I’m Happy-Sad Today by Lory Britain, PhD

Excellent book, with superb illustrations on mixed up feelings. Happy to see mom, but sad because you have to stop playing? Scared to be in a classroom for a first time, but brave because you are going to school? Painting, pretend play and dancing are all healthy ways to express yourself. Last few pages can be used to make several lesson plans.

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Cool Down and Work Through Anger by Cheri J. Meiners

Excellent, clear and easy to understand book with examples of when children might get angry and how to work through them in a positive way. Great images. Bonus guidelines in the back of the story for adults on how to engage in discussion with children and a page by page(s) on how to break down the content.

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