Homemade Dumpling Fun with Kids

Making dumpling with kids is pretty much the same as making edible play doh! We did homemade play doh earlier this month for a school assignment and little did I realize how both doughs use the same ingredients, salt, flour and water–except dumpling wrappers uses warm or hot water and play doh uses room temperature water. All you need is flour, salt, hot water, kid friendly knife, cutting boards , rolling pins with the filling of your choice! Cute aprons totally optional! A great way to bond as a family and kids get hands one, real life hands in learning! Plus, the mini cutting boards and rolling pins can work for so many other things and I plan Rn do them all with the kids–pizza, pupusas, samosas, tortillas and more!

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2 Step Easy Chinese Braised Pork Belly and 2 Ways to Eat it

Two step way to make pork belly and 2 ways to serve it! You literally just combine all the ingredients and cook on low for 2-3 hours. This version is almost the same as my soy sauce chicken. I opted to use rock sugar and it gives it a stickier and almost honey like flavor- and somehow, I feel it tenderizes the meat as it cooks too. I served it with congee for the kids and my husband and I had it Korean style in a lettuce wrap and Ssamjang , a Korean soybean paste condiment. Sooo tasty!

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The Easiest & Most Versatile Wontons

The easiest and most versatile wonton recipe. The only ingredients are wonton wrappers, scallion and fish sauce. Add chicken broth to turn it to a soup and add veggies to make it a meal. Add chili oil or sesame oil with a sprinkle of soy sauce to add extra Unami flavor and to give it a little Szechuan flair. Or simply just have it hot, fresh and plain with black vinegar on the side to use as a dipping sauce.

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