Ridiculously quick and easy sweet corn arepas filled with mozzarella or whatever you please! Just add water and milk of your choice and fry like you would , such as you would when you are pan frying a pancake.

The other day when I made corn dogs, I thought I would make sweet corn arepas next. I love walking though the fair taking in all the delicious smells and exploring all the different ethnicities of food.Sweet corn arepas with cheese was one street food we end up getting– you get crispy, sweet, savory, ooey gooey cheese– the flavors combined can satisfy your taste buds when you are torn between getting dessert or a more savory meal.

I found P.A.N. Sweet Corn Mix when I was looking up corn meal (which I ended up buying too to make tamales to use for corn dogs again). This would probably make a great short cup for my corn dog recipe (which I do plan to try and will update).

This sweet corn mix was different from the ones I usually get from a take out restaurant bread that comes with corn bread on the side of a chicken type meal. P.A.N. Sweet Corn Mix is sweeter, more moist and the flavor is just all in all more buttery and rich; yet crispy and not heavy at all. I would love to use this batter to make corn bread and see how it taste and how it bakes out.

I was thrilled when I realized how easy the recipe on the back of the package was. It called for milk, and I subbed with non dairy Oat Milk and used non-dairy Earth Balance butter. I could’ve subbed the mozzarella cheese for a non dairy version as well, but since I had the mozzarella at home this time, I used it.

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Ingredients (I followed the directions on the back directly, so this is their recipe- I chose to add cheese to mine)

2 cups of corn mix

2 cups of water

1/2 cup of milk (or sub for oat milk like I did)

Mozzarella slices to top, melt and fold into the sweet corn arepa


1- Mix the batter and let it thicken (the 6 minutes they suggested was perfect- I think I waited 4 minutes and it thickened pretty quickly) .

2- Oil the pan with butter (I used non dairy Earth Balance).

3- Ladle a scoop in like you would when you cook a pancake and cook each side for about 3-5 minutes on medium low heat.

4- Add sliced mozzarella cheese (the slices can be as much or as little as you want- I used a block of cheese I cut up this time to about 2×2 inches)

5- Put the cover of the pan on for about 2 minutes, remove lid and immediately food over and slide off plate to oil your pan to prepare for next arepa. I served with my Chile recipe and guacamole.

Note: You can also make all your round arepas and assemble with mozzarella in between if you like your arepa thicker. The ones we made this time were like a taco shape!

Other Ideas for Toppings

Pulled pork with Cole slaw

Pulled pork with red onions

Chicharron with guacamole

Garlic Shrimp

Powdered sugar

Fried egg! (Egg and cheese scramble)


Refried beans (I am obsessed with this- so easy to have in hand for meals$

I’ll add on photos when I get to make these to show you! For now, I’m just jotting down here as a reminder to myself to make it!

Do you have any favorite sweet arepa toppings? Do share!

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