Just got back from another trip, this time from Saurgerties, NY (post will follow soon!)and wanted to cook something healthier than what we’ve been eating during our vacation. I made Stir-fried Curry Tofu and Cashews. I love how the cashew gives the dish a crunchy bite and adds to the unami aspect of it by adding a touch of sweetness to this mildly spicy curry dish. I didn’t do measurements or time this recipe– still exhausted from the trip, but nonetheless, here’s the gist of it.

Here’s the Picture Walk:


1 onion diced

1 box firm tofu (pat dry and cut to size of your liking- mine are slightly larger than the one you most likely see a Chinese restaurants so that they don’t fall apart and easier to sear)

2 -4 tsp curry powder ( I used 2 because the kids don’t like it too spicy)

1/2 cup cashews

Salt and pepper to taste


I used raw cashew and fried them along with the stir fry- asked fine, but not as crunchy as i liked– next time I think I will roast them in the oven before popping them in with the rest of the Stir-fry)


1- Stir fry onions until the are wilted for about 5-10 minutes.

2- Push onions aside the pan to make space to sear the tofu on each side until it slightly hardens or becomes a little crispy brown. You can salt a little if you wish.

3-Push tofu aside and add in the cashews to sir fry for about 5-10 minutes ( if using raw cashews) or for 2 minutes if they’ve been cooked or roasted already.

4- Add 2-4tsp curry powder and salt and pepper to taste. We served ours with quinoa and pan fried salt and pepper zucchini.


The next day we made Indonesian Stir-Fried ramen and added the leftover corn, zucchini and curry tofu to make a “new” complete meal.

Introducing, another Giveaway Item launching sometime in mid- August:

I reached out to Kid Basix and was excited when they sent me their set of Snackers for review! I will be doing a full post on their Snackers later, most likely sometime in early October, as I wanted to give myself ample time to try them out with the lunches and snacks I pack for the girls once school starts .

Today, you get a sneak peak of the lunch boxes I’ve shared briefly and I am introducing to you the Green Mini Snacker, courtesy of Kid Basix (thank you!) that I’ll be including in the giveaway. I may be purchasing a set of those for myself soon, as they will fit perfectly for a snack of blueberries, fruit salad or tuna salad!

I’ve been using the larger and medium ice snacker around the house to try out before I decide to put them on the giveaway list! So far, I used the medium one to serve a simple lunch of PB and J and am in love with them! I had (Olivia and Ayla) test them it and they were both able to open them on their own, after they practiced about 2xs each. They are loving how fun they are to open! I plan to send Olivia with the large and Ayla with the medium Snacker.

I’ve been using them mainly to store leftovers in the meantime and they are amazing because I always have a lid (once they are made brilliantly, attached to the stainless steel container).

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