Sometimes Anniversaries Mean…

Waking up early, not sleeping in.

Dressing up to go have brunch at a yummy, but new and casual restaurant.

It means celebrating some years with a family outing and taking photos of your beautiful kids, before even taking your own anniversary selfies.

It’s going to a fancy flower shop with the little loves to see what each of your loves pick, to create your bouquet.

It’s going back home to go on with the same every day tasks.

It’s not cleaning a thing that day, even though the house needs it.

It’s ordering your favorte food from a take out place.

And embracing the moment your child exclaims , “It’s like a restaurant in here! ”

We watch their eyes light up when we tell them they get to use their Hello Kitty training chopsticks for their sushi that night.

We get them to bed before 8pm.

Sometimes Anniversaries Mean…

You get to be in the moment when you and your love stand side by side in the kitchen , mess and all, kids tucked in, smiling ear to ear, as you happily enjoy your very own bowl of ice cream with 3 scoops of 3 flavors and maraschino cherries on top, that you didn’t have to share with anyone.

happy 8 years of marriage


9 years of dating


17 years altogether


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