I was one of those people that just couldn’t sit. I always had to be doing something productive. I realize now that though I thought I was moving myself along (and I often do) , it was in actualization holding me back. It was holding me back from being in the moment. It was overwhelming having so many thoughts in my head at one time. I used to say to by husband, “What are you doing just sitting there? Do something helpful to move the day along.” I guess my husband had a point somewhere along what he was doing. It’s like a power nap; it takes just a minute or two to sit and breathe (inhale in, inhale out and repeat) to feel refreshed to go about the rest of your day. You feel relaxed enough to feel at peace, lending ways for you to be more patient, understanding and compassionate to yourself and others, the rest of your day.

When are times that you choose to give yourself a moment to sit? Do you have a favorite sitting spot in your house or anywhere have in mind that you can just sit and relax?

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