SB Japanese Style Spaghetti has become a family favorite easy meal. It comes with wet (Olive oil, chili pepper and garlic) and and dry (garlic, parsley and chili pepper) flavor packets. Each packet comes with 2 sets of seasonings, about a serving each. We used two sets of this to feed the five of us and liked that it wasn’t overly salty, but oh so garlicy.

Last time we made this we had it with steamed broccoli on the side. This time, we served it with Nyture Natto and Chinese Broccoli. The combination worked really well together. Natto add extra vitamin K, probiotics and a somewhat cheesy flavor to the spaghetti. The Chinese broccoli added a good crunch and a little sweetness (sort of a kale like flavor). It was easy to cut up into the noodles and the kids ate it like it with the parsley it comes with and spaghetti (I pick out the dried chili pieces and add it to my portion!). All my kids asked for a refill of this– and I happily refill it.

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Spaghetti (about a standard size box or adjust depending on how many you’re feeding )

Chinese broccoli (blanched for 2-3 minutes or steamed)

SB Olive Oil, chili pepper and garlic spaghetti seasoning packets (each pack comes with 2 sets inside– we used two packs (or 4 packet sets))

Natto ( our favorite so far is Nyture Natto– we buy this religiously!)

A touch of Sesame oil for the balanced Chinese broccoli

A light drizzle of seafood soy sauce (use regular soy sauce if you don’t have seafood– I like it better because it’s slightly sweeter and has a more well rounded flavor) over the natto

Steps (not really steps, but more like assembly of the meal)

1- Boil spaghetti and drain.

2- Put in seasoning packets and toss well.

3-Blanch Chinese broccoli and set aside and put a touch of sesame oil and mix well– cut it up like parsley before serving to mix into noodles

4- Put Natto on the side of your plate or bowl of spaghetti and add a little drizzle of soy sauce (I like the option to taste it as a side, but will mix it in occasionally to experience the spaghetti differently)

5- Enjoy! This is also amazing with the Japanese spicy chili pepper condiment.

Do you have a favorite twist for when you make spaghetti?

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