inspired by my trip to the Catskills this past summer and the gorgeous towels my AirBnb had in their kitchen, I was eager to find an alternative to paper towels. Sure, I’ve had towels in the past for nearly everything you could imagine: cleaning tables, countertops, drying things, drying hands, but I never loved them because they were either:

1-Too linty

2-Too rough on my hands

3-Too heavy

4-Too light

5-Snagged easily

6-Retained smells

7- Not absorbent enough

I initially reached out to Harringdons to see if the would be able to provide me a sample of their top rated tea towels for me to review, as I was in search of several paper towel alternatives; but little did I know that their towels were seriously all that I needed. After trying them out for about a month now, I knew I have found the best. 100% feel good, snag proof, multipurpose tea towels. You will be amazed at all the things you can do with these beauties. I love feeling them in my hands- comfortable, smooth and soft.

I used them to dry plates, cups and containers, cutlery too

I used them to keep herbs and veggies fresh and dry after rinsing and/chopping them up

I’ve even used them to gift wrap Christmas Gifts this year.

I haven’t had a chance to use it as an apron yet, but it seems large enough to wrap around. The loop on the back of the towel can even loop on another towel to adjust apron size.

I have used it several times to keep my sushi rice from drying out, along with egg roll wrappers.

I’ve even come to use it to replace plastic wrap in many cases when I wrap bread or fruit with them.

When I don’t feel like taking out my cutting boards, I have occasionally used it as a cutting surface too.

I took some photos to show the size of the towels to show how it sizes up when folded and as a whole. I wanted to highlight the close up of the craftsmanship of these towels. The stitching were even in all the towels I had and the colors were even and vibrant. It was consistent with the quality, color and feel for all the towels. For $2 a towel, it’s hard to imagine a better deal for quality towels. I have washed them several times now, and they straighten out rather quickly, even though they come out wrinkled at times (I always manage to over stuff our washing machine).

Here goes the Picture Walk for the towels size and sole close up shots of this beautiful towel:

Here goes my Picture Walk on the many, many uses of the towels:


Catching the dripping water from colander. I then dump the relatively dried string beans directly into the towel to further dry the string beans before I cook them. Goodby, mushy string beans!

We leave used it as a pot holder and to hold hot plates/dishes.

I used it as a “bowl” for chopped cilantro- easy to unwrap and pour in the bundle of chopped cilantro

One of our favorite uses- to catch the colander’s dripping water after washing veggies.

Great for seasoning a wooden cutting board.
My little one used it as a cape. Why not? I would imagine it would make a nice bib or smock too.

I often use the loop to close veggies I washed by tucking in the opposite corner of the towel, into the loop- it stays put quite well and keeps it from drying out

I haven’t gotten rid of all paper towels in our home, but I can say I have successfully gone weeks or two without any paper towels. We have used them for literally anything we used to use for paper towels. We have decreased the use of paper towels significantly!

These towels make awesome gifts. You can gift whole sets or roll up a few and even wrap gifts with them, in lieu of wrapping paper. Not only are these multipurpose, they are eco-friendly and can save you money too!

Have you ever attempted to give up paper towels? If you are looking to perhaps put this on your to do list for the upcoming new year, these towels are highly recommended to inspire you and jumpstart your New Years Goal.

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