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Disclaimer: Many of the items listed are to promote and share the items that I stand by and now have available in my shop!

Once Spring arrives, you get Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Teacher Appreciation week! Here are some fun gift ideas that are now available in my shop, Mamas Got Heart.

Grow Bags!

I just finished a fundraiser collaboration with a local school and this was one of the best seller items. Often times, I personally steer away from activities that require too many items or steps. This was so easy and I tested out a few before listing it in the shop. You can read more about the grow kits here. They come with everything you need, coconut husks pieces for drainage, soil, organic mini tomato seeds, the bag to moisten soil (which we later used as a green house to put over the grow bag). I especially picked out out this set because the kids can write their name and color the plant or fruit before doing the planting part of the activity! This makes an excellent, unique practical and fun gift for teachers, birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation! I currently have just a few bags left of the Tomato, Alpine Strawberry and Sunflower before I have to restock! If you order today, you may still get it in time for Easter! They are also packaged in the USA!


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These tea sets have the nearest packaging! The fresh tea leaves are stored in a tin with a clear window lid, and even comes with a Handcarved spoon from Kenya– and they are packaged in Canada! I am contemplating doing a review on these teas alone because the people that run the company are the sweetest and you can tell they have a a passion for what they do. They support fair trade, which means the artisans working with them get paid living wages and opportunities to further their Education! We have all do these teas at home and used them for Esme’s 5th Birthday, which was Belle’s Tea Party themed — will be writing up that post soon!

Photo by JusTea

The Jasmine purple tea contains more antioxidants than Kenyan green tea with half the caffeine! The Chamomile tea are a hit with my kids– they love it sweetened with honey! My husband and I love the Hibiscus and it makes a a divine iced-tea–tart and refreshing– we will be turning it into lemonade once summer gets here! The African Chai is supposed to be sweeter than the Chai others may be familiar with, but still filled with the warm and fragrant spices we all love when it comes to Chai Tea. I am so proud of all the things in my shop– after all, they are all greatly inspired by Hopscotch Mom’s high standards of honesty, quality and review of the items. If I stock it, I have most likely tested and approved before putting it in shop!

Bean and Bean Dunk and Steep Coffee BagsPhotos by Bean and Bean Coffee Roasters

This coffee bag has been an amazing find! Instead of weighing, grinding and waiting to do pour over coffee, you just Dunk and Steep — it truly taste like pour over, but easy as tea! It is awesome because you can make hot or cold brew out of this coffee. Kids can help make the cold brew version (with adult supervision of course) by measuring 8 oz of room temperature filtered water and letting it steep in the fridge overnight. I’ve had it both ways and they have been amazing both ways!

I have Bean and Bean Coffee Roasters Dunk and Steep Bean Dunk and Steep Coffee Bags available in my shop as well in my Fundraise Collection. However, if you are interested in ordering for yourself, your family or your teacher, please feel free to reach out and I can have them shipped to you as well, as long as you’re in the USA, you will receive it within a week. I am now offering a free printable, that will be emailed to you with every Dunk and Steep Coffee Bag Purchase. The kids can draw or print out an image of dad’s face (I have printables for Mom and teachers too!).

Tegu Blocks

Photos by Tegu

This is a perfect Easter basket stuffer. Tegu toys are eco friendly, NATURAL WOOD, with use water-based finishes and recycled packaging.

They are naturally safe: no lead, no plastic and non-toxic.

• The set is compact and great for building on-the-go! Whether in the car, plane, the diaper bag, the purse, or at the restaurant; now you can create wherever you are.

• Fully Compatible with ALL other Tegu Magnetic Wooden Sets.

So many possibilities with the little pouch of creativity! Easy to take on the go, on airplane rides, restaurant trips and more! It could be fun game to do a race to create the same shape if you had 2 sets of these!

Wool Animal Planter!

This handmade animal planter is perfect to store a few Easter Eggs or gift with a plant. For Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Teacher Appreciation Day, you can gift it with a note, “Thank you for helping me grow!” This makes a charming addition to any room and makes for a long lasting keepsake!

Shadow Projection Books

I have gifted these books to my nieces and nephews since I discovered them while doing research on things to bring to our cabin trip! This book was such a great buy– years later and the kids are older, but still giggle and laugh when I read this. There’s just something very magical about shining your own light through the sturdy pages and have it literally projected into the ceiling or wall. So much wonder in their eyes and laughs, as they try to catch each image as I then the pages and read them. So much fun and great to bring for a camping trip or skeepover. A great Eastwr Basket Filler! You can get this in my shop here. Or explore the Nightime Fairies one hereit can make a nice birthday gift for a Fairy Garden Inspired Party, like the one Ayla had when she turned 3!

Seek and Find Books

This Around the World book is an adventure! I have a friend who bought it for their nephew, but says she would totally keep it for herself. Every page is an invitation for exploration. Fun to do with the whole family. My kids all got one this Christmas and look at them often. I’ve had others come back to buy a different book from this collection, after enjoying the first one . It would be a great Easter gift and fun way to bond with Mom, dad or grandma! Your teacher might appreciate this as well in their classroom!

This one is great for the one who loves unicorns and princesses! The images are large, vibrant and fun!

This one I got for my nephew who lives dinosaurs! My girls love this one too– the kids love to ask questions about what is happening in each of these pages.

Sophie Teether Set

Made in France, this Sophie teething set is like a toy and teething therapy in one! It is BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free and the perfect duo to throw into your diaper bag.My cousin gifted a set to my girls when they were little and I can attest to how helpful they are when you’re trying to order food at a restaurant or have them in the walker while making dinner! Made of 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree and food-grade dye.

Knick Knacks

Other little knick knacks like optical illusion inspired spinning tops are mesmerizing for adults and children alike and the slingshot paper flyers are super fun to do outdoors. They both make great addition s in Easter baskets!

Do you have any go to activities you and your or gifts you like to give? Let us all know in the comments below!

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