So I went the the 99 cents store the other day and saw a great deal on a large bag of Pom-poms. So of course I bought them! Pretty, colorful, soft and cute! Imagine all the things we can do with these! I created a color sorting activity for a button lesson when I was still an undergrad and ended up bringing it into my PreK class at that time to keep at one of the centers. My students were able to sort buttons with it; and eventually I changed it up a bit and used Pom-Pom with tongs. It was a hit in the classroom and I kept it around with me after I was done teaching for that year.

I had chopsticks leftover from when I created as Chinese New Year goodies for Olivia’s teachers and classmates and thought they would have fun sorting with them. They would also get to work on their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving and get a sensory kick out of them since they eventually ended up using their hands to feel the Pom-poms to sort. Olivia was at school and Ayla and Esme had a great time being occupied with the Pom-Pom Color Sorting Activity. I was missing a tray, so improvised using clear cups for the red and orange. At one point I even thought we can toss them into the trays like basketball (that didn’t work our this time because they were tossing them by the handfuls–ended up all over the floor 😂). The point is, such a simple material; yet so many ways to use it and be creative and have fun. I think I’ll just get a large bucket next time and have them toss them in and let them work on their gross motor skills (they need to throw it to get it in the bin).

Who else are fans of Pom-poms? What kind of activities or art have you done with them?

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