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Processed with VSCO with f2 presetToday, I share my new found love of Virginia Boys Kitchen Cutting Boards. I was beyond excited when they sent me their large 20×15″ Reversible Walnut Cutting Board with juice groove, as well as their smaller 8×12″ Reversible Walnut Cutting Board with juice groove, to review! They are responsibly made in the USA, using all natural materials and sustainably sourced local wood. They stand behind their cutting boards and offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE:


We stand behind our work and want you to enjoy these beautiful tools for a lifetime. If your item breaks or cracks due to defects in wood or workmanship, we will cheerfully replace at no cost.


After transitioning from plastic to stainless steel feeding essentials and slowly becoming more mindful of other ways to cut down on plastic and waste, such as my quest to find ziplock alternatives,  I’ve come across my good old cutting board, that I’ve had for years. We had purchased it from an upscale kitchen supply store years ago, before we had kids. You may have seen it in my older posts/ recipes. We loved the color, weight and ease to clean. The speckles of green across the board satisfied the artsy side of me; it was a reliable and sturdy cutting board.

img_4109 At that time, I wasn’t thinking of the material used to make cutting boards. Cutting boards that I’ve seen most of my life then, were reliable and sturdy plastic in my parent’s kitchen. My criteria for buying was, so long as something was pretty, I wanted it for my home.

Choosing the things I buy more mindfully.

That must’ve been almost 10 years ago. Now, I have kids. I think more on the type of world we live in and how our actions, impact it in so many ways.  I think of my children and know I want the best for them in everyday and I want them to live in a world that is best for them.

I changed as an educator, as well. I’ve taught in classrooms and have always gave it my all. I always taught from my heart and with purpose. I was happy to be given opportunities in classrooms where I was able to inspire everyone (I hope) in my classroom, whether it be the students, teachers or parents through my teaching philosophy, love of teaching and love of learning.

I’m so happy now, that I can extend what inspires me to other people through my blog, sharing new types of things that intrigue and grows me, in all aspects of my life.

As I researched the different types of cutting boards, I’ve glanced across several (though I wish I found more with evidence based research) articles, with the majority of articles, pointing to wood, as being the best material for a cutting board. I’ve read that bacteria can seep into the middle, because wood is porous, but since it is supposed to have anti-bacterial properties, the germs can no longer multiply once it reaches that center. Some articles recommend Bamboo, as they say they are safe and easy to clean, but can be bad for your knife. Several articles referenced the University of Michigan and the article they wrote on the deal with plastic cutting boards; how they hold the most bacteria, even more so than wood, when split apart. Feel free to do your own homework on this topic! If you come across an excellent article on this topic, I would love for you to please send it my way too.

Now more onto my review of Virginia Boy’s Kitchen Cutting Boards!

My first impression of the cutting board out of the box was that it was gorgeous! I love how both cutting boards come with their own one of a kind design, since they are made from wood. There were a few spots in the juice groove that could’ve been sanded more; however, that didn’t bother me, as my main purpose of switching to wood cutting board was to be healthier and finding a board that I can cut and slice things fearlessly without worrying, that each chopping session could lend to little pieces of plastic scrapings getting into our food. I was looking for a cutting board easier on my knife and something beautiful to complete my kitchen and make it feel like home.

I oiled the board with coconut oil. The slightly rough spots were barely noticeable after. The customer service from Virginia Boys Kitchen explained to me later on that both the beauty and characteristic of wood, is one that none are the same and some parts of the wood can look different than others.

The cutting boards were beautiful. I love that they are natural wood. I love that I could use them as empty canvases to create food. I love how each thing you cut on the cutting boards, gives the cutting board, life. I love how chopped onions look pure, onions make the board “pop” with color. I love how putting eggs on top (another use I’ve found for the juice grooves) gives it a rustic farm vibe and adding green veggies on top, provides me with a feeling of tranquility and calm. I love when all the colors gets mixed up together on the cutting board, I get to see nature’s rainbow on my cutting board canvas.

I cannot say enough great things about these cutting boards.

Here is the Picture Walk:

Filipino Bittermelon (Ampalaya) Egg Scramble 


Here was a morning that I was prepping Mushrooms with Eggs and Onion Scramble
A Savory Pastry from a Local Bakery

chicken noodle sop
I like to ladle the soup to cool off, while I prepped the noodles. It’s all room temperature by the time I add the cooked noodles and serve the kids.
BLT (ran out of lettuce)
The base of a sandwich.

Panfried eggplant. So simple and so good!
The base of Filipino Congee, or Arroz Caldo. Just need to add about the same amount of minced garlic, ginger slices and a squeeze of lemon.
Indoor Picnic, anyone?

A few photos to show comparison in size of the two cutting boards:

On occasion, I let Esme help oil my boards- it’s fun for her to squish/melt the coconut oil on the cloth with her hands and spread it on the board to oil
We make sushi often. This cutting board has been amazing because its large enough to hold almost everything I need.



We stay home most of the time because we have three little ones, but for mornings we feel we want a fancy-like breakfast or brunch, we make crackers with toppings and serve them on these boards.
Simply plain crackers with cucumber and smoked Salmon- I was going to add cream cheese, but we ran out.
After a busy day food prepping for the meal to be cooked, I like how I can keep it on my countertop the entire time. I prep my leftovers for home, as well as for my husband’s lunch for the next day.
The smaller cutting board we have held quite a few mini sandwiches. Great to serve at birthday parties or to take out on playdates.

Rosemary ham and lettuce to with Go Veggie chedder cheese.

My fast food version of burgers–recipe to be posted later on this year.
This is a regular scene on busy school mornings. Cooling off their favorite breakfast (plain congee with toppings), while prepping their snack of apples, and spam sushi roll for lunch.

What kind of cutting board do you have in your home? Right now, you can purchase a Virginia Boys Cutting Board for 10% off on their website using code YVONNE10 🙂 Their cutting boards are also available on Amazon.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links provided for your convenience. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

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