It’s just one of those nights where you need this! The kids had been sick on and off all month (along with the hubby) — except for me. Taking care of everyone can be exhausting! Today was just one of those nights that I needed this. The kids are getting their appetites back and we all needed a little break from soup! Pizza, fries and beer (soda or water for the girls based on their request). The fries my husband picked up next door from a Craft Beer Store, along with the beer! The Sage Beer went perfectly well with our Grandma Pie Special!

We love the classic margarita at our house and like to order something veggie loaded (so we don’t have to make a side of veggies!). This grandma pie had it all: pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onions, peppers, olives, cheese, onions, fresh basil and broccoli!

What are your go to dinners when you want an easy night? Do you have a favorite pizza? What beverage do you like to pair with your pizza?

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