Pâté with peppery arugula on sourdough toast drizzled with a touch of extra virgin olive oil and topped with fresh cracked pepper. Add a spritz if lemon juice to add a different freshness factor.

My husband and I used to make this quite often before we had kids. This must’ve been over 10 years ago when we first discovered peppery, spicy arugula. We were obsessed with it and had it nearly as a side with every meal:

Grilled chicken arugula salad

Goat cheese arugula with cranberries and honey toasted walnuts

Arugula on toast with a runny egg

Arugula with smoked salmon and red onions topped with lemon juice, capers and olive oil

Arugula with balsamic vinegar dressing

Arugula with avocado slices on toast with olive oil and fresh lemon

We really do love our arugula, but we make it much less often since we try to cut down on meat and sodium for health reasons. But when we do have it, we S A V O R it and reminisce on why we enjoyed eating it so much: the crispy toasted, slightly still chewy sourdough bread; the fresh, spicy, peppery yet fresh tasting arugula (wild arugula is our favorite- extra peppery and spicy bites); and the pate, oh how I love pate and it’s creamy, almost mushroomy and meaty goodness that is amazingly rich and complex in its flavor, but not as greasy or salty as bacon or sausage. It’s a perfect home fancy breakfast after a long week.

It’s a breakfast you have that feels like you’re dining at your favorite brunch place, minus the wait time. Its a good pick me up, especially if you’ve been home with the kids for a few days when your husband has been working and you’ve been mostly eating just scraps from their leftovers. Three leftover plates pretty much equals a full meal!

What are your favorite ways to eat arugula? Share you ideas below and I would love to give it a try. Please and thank you! Also, do you have a “fancy” meal that’s super easy to make after a long week?

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