“More than 80 percent of recyclable plastic bottles end up in landfills each year. They do not break down naturally and release toxic chemicals when they finally do decompose, according to the Columbia Water Center.”

Source: National Geographic

There are lots to read up on in regards to water bottles, plastics and their environmental impacts on our earth and the health of people and animals. One Green Planet has a quick read up article on the Impacts of Water Bottles.


EDITED** Our new favorite stainless steel water bottle for kids is now the Kids Hydroflask with Straw! Now that we got to try it out for about a month now, taking it out with us for summer travels, we can say in our experience, it’s leakproof . Just like the adult version of the Hydroflask Straw bottle, only when I fill it up to the top with ice and water and have it sitting on its side for a long time, will it firm some kind of condensation where the cap is.

The kids love that they get matching bottles with their parents! The easy on and off boot (silicone I believe) that the water bottle is tucked in is quite clever! It prevents slipping off tables and toddler hands.

It was unexpectedly lighter in weight than I thought it would be because our 64 oz is a bit heavy (which makes sense because the kids is 12 oz). The little loop makes it a little easier for kids to hold too and gives parents and option to clip it onto their stroller (if you have a mommy hook) or back pack if there is a clip. It fits the standard car cup holder in our Honda Pilot and some of the cup holders for the children and their car seats.

The straw is sturdy and well made and very easy to draw water from. I guess it can be both a pro and con to have a straw that’s made from hard plastic. Chewers will probably have a harder time breaking a piece off of the straw, compared to the Thermos Funtainer’s soft straw (which we love because our kids aren’t chewers). I like how the kids doesn’t have to lift the bottle (such as Klean Canteen’s sport cap) to extract water either. The bottom portion that comes off is also easy to clean. We use the OXO straw clean for both the top and bottom portion of the straw.

The one thing that makes Hydroflask above all the other stainless bottles out there is that they have limited lifetime warranty as per their website ! I had my adult versions (more on that below) for more than 5 years and haven’t had any problems at with anything. Recently, I just purchased their sport cap for my adult 21 oz version because when I’m out and about myself running an errand, I don’t always want to bring the family size 64oz straw cap bottle.

Our go to insulated water bottle for our kids is the Klean Canteen. All three of our kids have one of these! It is stainless steel, durable and very easy to clean. It has been completely leakproof and it really does keep the drink cold all day. We highly recommend the insulated version, as it doesn’t sweat.

For kids, we do actually have the one with the sport cap and we haven’t had a leak with that yet, sideways or not.

They also used the sippy version when they were under 3. The sippy lid is great and also leakproof, but there is a plastic for the bottom to help make it leakproof (though it is very easy to clean). It was extremely easy for the kids drink from. We are planning to add on the Insulated Coffee Thermos with the Spill Proof Cafe Cap. My husband is an avid coffee drinker, so it may be a gift for him one of these days since his birthday and Father’s Day is coming up. You can read more about our favorite coffees and methods to make it here.

We had the adult versions of the Klean Canteen in the past (it was not the insulated version because I believe we had purchased it before we had the kids, in Whole Foods before we it before it got so popular-not sure if they had the insulated version then) and liked it, but found it dent quite easily and sweat with cold liquids. I think I read on their website just a few days ago that it is now even sturdier and stronger. I will update if I get to purchase one to review. because it is so easy to use. We like that there’s an option for a sport cap for adults too, when conditions aren’t best for losing a cap or dropping it, such as when you go hiking.


We have the Thermos 12oz and like it too. We get one every year for our kids to bring to school with them because they don’t have to tilt the bottle to drink from it. We have since replaced them with the Hydroflask because they don’t leak. The bottle and pieces are easy to clean and can be taken apart with ease. The parts are easily replaceable. The straw is soft, yet sturdy and easy to drink from. Occasionally it would leak, but not enough for me to not use it.

One additional not is that although the caps and straws are replaceable, with the shipping, in addition to the cap price, you might as well just order a new bottle altogether. I noticed this when I reached it to them and told them my child must have clogged the hole in the cap somehow and needed the replacement. Once your child gets food or anything stuck in that hole that clicks the push button of the cap, it no longer works.


For us adults, we now have several of the Hydroflasks we stand by, the 64 Oz with the Straw Cap, which we love for days where we go hiking or on a long trip (plus when they were still all under, it was hard to carry so many bottles since they couldn’t responsibly hold their own yet), it carried enough water for us for the day to cover 3 little kid bottles and 2 adult bottles. It was easy to refill too and held so much water. Like the insulated Klean Canteen that we have for kids, it stays cold all day! We also have two of the 16oz Hydroflasks which we can’t imagine being without. My best friend was gifted one at work and I liked that it didn’t sweat because it was insulated.

We are BIG FANS!!! We had only the non-insulated version of Klean Canteen at that time; so I had to get this Hydroflask right away! We’ve since given many of these away as birthday raffle prizes (stay tuned on a post on my husband’s 30th birthday party from several years ago- we did 30 super mini session games for his party with adult prizes!); we gave them out as birthday and graduation gifts too. We fill it up all day, in and out for trips to the parks or errands. We also love the slim design making it easy to carry around and toss into backpacks and cup holders. From our experience, it is truly LEAKPROOF! We had the straw for about 2 years now and the 21 oz for about 5.


Note: Though the Straw mouthpiece on top isn’t supposed to come off, I was able to yank it off ( I was able to do it to all the Hydroflask Straw Bottles we have) and it was great because I was able to clean it even more thoroughly! Even the tint white piece can come off for a good deep clean. It was difficult to pop off ( I used a paper towel for grip), but super easy to pop back in and off after the first time. This discovery made me love it even more. Don’t get me wrong, there was a little yucky stuff stuck in there (but given there was just a little and I used it for over a year without popping it off, I was pretty impressed).

My husband is currently using this to put his coffee for work. Hydroflask does make a coffee cap, but what wins us over for the Klean Canteen in this coffee area is the Cafe Cap with a great concept that seemingly makes it leakproof with the twist lid mechanism, rather than the flip on and off type of lid of the Hydroflask. He recently purchased this and does confirm he loves it and it has been leakproof.

I have more products here that I recommend for Spring and Summer. What are your favorite water bottles? Do you have experiences with the ones I mentioned above? Share your insights below!

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