26994242_10100885392378810_3228096370517152354_nEveryone who knows Olivia knows that she LOVES foxes! Hence, the inspiration behind Olivia’s 5th Birthday, Foxes. I begin the planning by doing a little basic research on foxes. Where do they live; what do they eat and what are some fox attributes and characteristics?

I used this book:

Exploring the World of Foxes by Tracy Read (great basic fox info book with clear photographs of foxes and some things they eat, like to do and where they live)

I used these links:





Fox ear headbands Amazon DIY
I bought plastic cat ears in bulk and felt from Michael’s (much cheaper). I used a hot glue gun to fold over the fox ears that I had measured and precut. I wanted Olivia’s to be special and I added tiny colored pearls and blue (her favorite color) felt flowers I had cut out.

Nature backdrop of woodland/grasslands where foxes are common: We painted trees using trees cutouts from cardboard boxes to create a woodland/forest vibe for the walls.


I decided to create different sensory bins/ stations for the activitiesI initially was going to put up a chart with the following agenda, but ended up using photo prompts instead created by Olivia’s aunties and uncles, which turned out even more interactive. The aunties and uncles had a chance to be a kid, draw on a whim and express themselves creatively :

What’s on the menu today?
Insects/bugs, bunnies and mice
Fish and frogs

Photo prompts


Basic schedule

***Give out fox ears upon arrival telling the children that we were going to pretend to be foxes for the day”

1:00pm- 1:30pm


We ordered from Murray’s Cheese. We have ordered from them in the past and they are always a please to work with and very patient with questions.



I begin the activities by saying “It’s lunchtime for foxes and they are feeling very hungry!” Children were given a net (distributed by aunties and uncles) to find and collect insects and bunnies that foxes eat in the  bin with Easter grass. Bug tweezers were given out to use to catch the food.  Whoever caught the most food would win a special prize.

Prize: Watercolorset



I say “ Now, we foxes want to have strawberries for dessert.” I had inserted the strawberry lollipops into potted plants we had in the house prior to the party. The task was for the children to go strawberry picking in potted plants.



I say “Foxes have an excellent sense of hearing. Let’s listen carefully to the music, as we play musical chairs so when the music stops, we will know when to sit.”
We used the song,What Does the Fox Say?” by Ylvis
Prize : Watercolor set



I say “Now fox is hungry for snacks”. Find a wind-up frogs game/Swedish fish for your pet fox in streamers bin after emptying grass OR put streamers into clear cups and have kids toss balls into cup to get the hidden prize inside. We ended up going with streamers.


I say “Foxes have an excellent sense of sight. Use your binoculars to see if you can find all the hidden colorful birds (I taped then in corners of walls and under tables and benches)around the living room.





Adopt a fox and bring it home to care for it and feed it the goodies that were gathered during the party. Adults got to take home a glass fox magnet.

Have YOU ever thrown or been to a fox themed party? Any other ideas on fox-themed parties? Please share your insights below! 

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