Olivia had been obsessed with cookies that year. No matter what question you ask her, her answer is “cookie!” ( whether that response makes sense or not lol). She has quite a sense of humor. I give you Olivia’s Cooking Decorating Party!


Reusable Aprons (kids took home as party favor to be repurposed either as an apron for helping the family cook or a painting smock)

Fabric Paint(donated by a friend) used to decorate aprons (designs were made by a family member and a few by me)

Wilton Sprinkles(chose a variety of designs you like)

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds (very tasty and healthier than M&Ms?)

Nordic microwaveable and food safe plates (to be kept and taken home as party favor– can be repurposed as a meal plate or craft plate)

Squeezable frosting, also Wilton’s (it was not the easiest to squeeze out, but the nozzle was small enough to do detailed designs and not leave a glob of frosting mess)

Reusable totes were used to store party favors. We put in a chocolate surprise egg and a push and go animal car complete the favor bags (as they will be taking home the reusable plates and aprons/smocks too).

Olivia’s apron was decorated with her favorite animal on it, foxes and my cousin wrote Birthday Girl Olivia on it to make it special:) Cookies were made by a family friend who happened to be a pastry chef. They were sturdy and delicious too, crunchy with the right amount of sweetness and perfectly buttery.This book was supposed to be read before the cookie decorating madness, but of course I forgot. I left it out for parents and kids to look through anyway.

Have you ever been to a cookie decorating party? What are other ideas related to a cookie decorating party? Do you have a easy recipe for easy or fail food sturdy shortbread cookies?

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