Olivia’s 3rd Birthday Party at Coco’s Indoor Waterpark and Resort

I was pregnant with Esme at that time and we wanted her 3rd birthday to be something that would be a little difficult to do with yet, another newborn. After all, Olivia was only a single child for one year before Ayla came into our lives.

Olivia loved all things water related. I was thinking, “Why can’t my winter baby, who loves the water have a pool party like the summer babies?” So we decided to host her birthday party at the nearest indoor water park, as her birthday was in the winter. We had a really great time there with the kiddie pool and slides; the adults even had a chance to take part in basketball in the pool and a giant slide that went quickly looping from inside, outside and back inside again.

I created goodie bags for the children who were supposed to come; but due to circumstances, we ended up having no other children; it was just Ayla and Olivia and her aunties and uncles were kind enough to come anyway to fill in the children’s spots. I put Babyganics Bubble Bath, along with a toy boat and a chocolate snack (chocolate is Olivia’s absolute favorite flavor for everything!). I tried to keep the goodie bags water related. The adults even had a goodie bag filled with panda chocolate cookies and hand sanitizer (sort of water related as well, I suppose?).


We had ordered Yo Gabba Gabba toppers to go with the cake provided by the Indoor Water Park. I had seen the cake online and thought that the characters from her favorite show at that time would go nicely would the theme to make the “free” package included cake look fancier. She still has several of the figurines today:) I always try to find a cake topper they can can potentially keep and play with (until it breaks or they lose it).

Have you every thrown a party at a Waterpark? What are some touches you add on to make the experience more special for you child? Please share:)

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