Wishing all the super moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! The following pieces of art from this post were posted with permission from Joy of Mom Is Drawing. She has inspiring drawings that illustrate motherhood to a tee! If you ever feel worn or tired; or just need a quick pick me up, head over to her Instagram page and reflect on some of her drawings and leave the page with a smile on your face because however you, mom, are feeling, you are not alone. Boy does it feel good to connect with other moms, not even having to say a word. It’s like a favorite song you hear on the radio and you just know your soul feels good because someone gets it. You will get a little raw and real snippet of what a mother’s heart feels, when you see her drawings!

It’s true when they say you don’t know what motherhood holds, until you become one. I expected joy and sleep deprivation ; diaper changes and hugs; snuggles and temper tantrums; but it gave me so much more.

It taught me what love is, like no other. A love so grand; so wholesome; like a garden filled with flowers, that sprouts every time I gain a new experience through the experiences of motherhood. It taught me that in order to take care of them, I need to take care of me.

It taught me compassion, when I am feeling sad sometimes and the girls notice and say “Mommy, why are you sad?”, “Why are you angry?”, ” Why are you laughing?”; it shows me I am on the right track, teaching them to be mindful of others and their feelings; to care and be kind.

It taught me forgiveness; by showing them it’s okay to make mistakes, it helped me positively reflect on my mistakes at times. When my children say, ” I dropped my cup and I spilled all my cereal; mommy, you’re not mad?”, it makes my heart flutter; flutter because this was one accomplishment I am very proud of, that my children know in their hearts that it’s okay to make mistakes and mommy won’t be mad , “Of course Im not mad; Mistakes happen; Mommy understands; Everything is okay; Mommy makes mistakes too.” We get to reflect on how we are all human beings and no one is perfect; and how it’s important to be gentle with ourselves when mistakes do happen; and be inviting so that our children can share our feelings of fear, insecurities and happy things too.

Becoming a mother, created an opportunity for me to further grow my empathy towards them, myself and others. My patience gets tested every moment I come upon a difficult task; when they’re not feeling well and I’ve been short on sleep; when I am trying to get them ready for school in the mornings and trying my best not to make them feel rushed in this fast paced city we live in; when I’m reading bedtime stories and wishing they would pick a shorter book, even though they love the longer ones.

Motherhood gave me a new purpose in life; a newly awoken me learning to lead by example; a new perspective on mistakes and growth; and a heart so full and humbled that I get to experience this all.

As a Mother who has experienced loss of our first baby before Olivia through a miscarriage, I want to know that I am thinking of you on this Mother’s Day💕 I found this paragraph knowing how difficult Mother’s Day was for my first year, without being able to hold my baby that year. I know others who have experienced loss and was finding a way to remember how I felt, trying to figure out what to say. I found this paragraph on Glamour with the following, and found it hit a note in my heart:

“Mother’s Day is a day to remember all moms with both living and nonliving children. As I have learned, Mother’s Day is also a day to remember and think of those who want to be mothers but for many reasons can’t be or aren’t at the moment, but wish they were…Women supporting women is most important—on this day and always.”

I would love to hear what motherhood showed you! Please do share❤️

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  1. Motherhood has taught me that I am responsible for someone other than myself, that another human being depends on me and that I want to give her no less than 100%. It showed me a commitment I didn’t know I had. It showed me that no matter the day the smile on her face is all I want. I love being a mom

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