This kimchee is sooo good. The ingredients are straight to the point and you most likely have all the ingredients on the list if you wanted to try and make this on your own.

The girls finished this all in two meals and proceeded to ask for more.

Mildly salty, very garlic and perfectly onionly.

This ingredient list is making me want to attempt my own! The girls had this as an appetizer/side dish to go with their fish congee the other day. It was a great starting dish.

We also get the non vegan, spicy version of the kimchee in Costco and eat it whenever we don’t get a chance to cook veggies or make a salad.

It’s amazing plain, with plain rice or porridge, tofu stew, ramen and fried rice!

My children’s pediatrician even recommended kimchee for our kids for an extra boost of probiotics.

Please do share how you like to eat your kimchee! Have you ever made your own kimchee

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