It’s been about 3 weeks now that they girls have been home due to the global pandemic. We almost never order out now and though we never ordered too often from McDonalds, we sometimes just crave that oniony burger with simple beef patty, ketchup and pickles. I didn’t have rolls at home and we have pasta and often, so I decided to make a them a copycat burger with that ground beef .

I read somewhere where you just add raw onions on a steaming bun and you get pretty close to the McDonald’s flavor and it’s true! The minced chopped onion that infused its flavor into the bun and burger make it taste just like McDonald’s. I’ve made it many times now , but now I’m home everyday and finally had the time to write this out. I’ve mostly used slices white bread in the past, but this time I had potato bread which seem to be pretty similar to the McDonald’s bun.

Make this to brighten up any kids’ day! The plus is you know every single ingredient that goes into this version of McDonald’s cheeseburger with no fillers–just 100% beef. Be creative! Serve it with chips or a yogurt parfait or apple pie! Wrap up one of their old toys and stuff it in a clean paper bag or food tray.

I would imagine it’d be amazing with the Beyond Meat Burger parties too if you’re going for a vegetarian version or omit the cheese and it’ll be a vegan version.


Ground beef (I had 80% lean)

Potato bread or potato rolls

Cheddar cheese (it’s the first time I added cheese- hence they title of the blog post- I usually make hamburgers)

Minced raw onions (I used yellow onions)

Pickle Slices


Salt (I used French sea salt flakes- good salt makes a difference –and pepper to taste (I like to add a little sprinkle of Lawry Seasoning too)

Steps (with images)

1- Grab a handful of ground beef and shape into a patty shape (size is up to you).

2- Cook it for a few minutes each side until no more blood runs out when you push it (cook it longer if you prefer it well done).

***Season it with salt and pepper (and Lawry seasoning if you have it) to taste while you cook each side). Just a little pinch on each side so it doesn’t get too salty.

3- Add cheese (or omit if you want it to be a hamburger instead/ or use whatever cheese you want to make it your own). I tore apart a cheddar cheesestick I had in the fridge and put it on the hot patty and covered the pan to melt it after the fire was shut off)

4- Toast your buns or bread on each side just a little to warm it up (not too long or it’ll get too hard) and let it sit in the toaster oven to wait for the beef patty.

5- Transfer the cheese and beef patty to the bread, cheese side down on the bread. On the side without the cheese, add the minced onions and cover with other side of bread/bun and toast for another minute or 2) .

6- The onions should be nicely warmed up and infused into the beef patty. Add your sliced pickles and ketchup.

***Note-If you want to turn it into a Big Mac, add shredded lettuce and Big Mac sauce- the Sir Kensington sauce comes close to it.

Tada! Didn’t have time to make fries to go with it, but had cheddar fries (which the kids lived with the meal, which I thought was a little salty for me). My favorite part of the meal was when they finished all of it and said it tasted just like McDonalds and they even thanked me for making it.

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