Come on over to visit our Legotown! The kids have been sick nearly a week now, so lots of time at home. Usually, I am caught up in housework and cleaning up. The only time the house is truly clean is right before friends visit or if we are planning a birthday party that week. Being home so many days , I myself was pretty drained and more sleep deprived than I already was ( because which parent isn’t?) waking up every few hours to check on them.

This time around, nothing has changed. There’s still and will always be lots to do. There will always be chores to catch up on and meals to prepare, dishes to wash and laundry to fold. Not even sure when the floor is ever toy, books or clothing free.

My idea of a break admittedly, is zoning out on the phone and doing things I feel makes me Yvonne, or who I am, outside of being “just”mom. Hopscotch Mom is my outlet; my way of sharing bits of pieces of who I am as mom, but also who I am outside mom and the essence of who I am always and will always be , an educator; a student and teacher, for life. Let’s just say, I am on my phone more than I’d like to be making doctor appointments, looking up recipes, reading articles, writing, planning, shopping and etc.

Since becoming mom, I’ve had way more cuffs than I’ve ever had. Someone’s I feel it’s jus a habit. Sometimes the caffeine fix is just okay; but sometimes, I feel recharged instantly!

I order a new type of canned coffee nearly every month to try. This month, I ordered a box of La Columbe coffee. I usually either do instant coffee or Starbucks canned. I recently tried the High Brews as well. Next month, I plan to try Peet’s Coffee in a can. Who knew so many coffee brands that made canned coffee? I will probably do a review of all the canned coffee I tried one of these days!

Upon just the first few sips of the La Columbe, the caffeine kick worked!

Today, I took a moment of my day and stopped everything I was doing to play; yes, you heard right! I played with my kids and not just sit there nodding my head to almost everything they say; not just running over to check on them while the television is on to see what they are up to. Yes they have their pretend play and we may have more toys then schools even; but how often, do we parents sit with them and play as a kid?

Let’s just say I started the whole LEGO Town thing this day and we all had fun contributing ideas . When I think out loud and show them my thought process for each section of our town, I am showing them that I am not afraid to think outside the box and be silly and creative. It can inspire them to do the same and be fearless when they think of ideas!

**Please read on (scroll all the way down) to see the message you are sending your child, when you actually choose to stop for a moment and play with them?

Snippets of our LEGO TOWN!

It was Olivia’s idea to add a school to this town.

I though the taller animal looked like a giraffe, but Olivia said it looked like a flamingo. And so, we put our flamingo with the duck, who is already hanging out at the pool.
Ayla put the sink in there.

Esme says this place is to catch bad guys.

I encourage you to stop what you are doing at least once this month to just play! You will see your kids’ face light up, like never before. You, their parent who is usually working or cooking, cleaning or folding; it’s the most intriguing and endearing thing to them to see you laugh, be creative and play like a kid ! You are their role model. You are the person your child looks up to; their first teacher; their inspiration. What are you telling/ showing your child when you stop what you’re doing to play with them and enjoy with them?

You’re telling them they’re worth your time; that they’re important and they matter. It shows them that not only do you just order them to play, but show them play is important to you too. It shows them a less serious side of you, a playful and silly side that they’ve never seen or don’t get to see often. It shows our children we can be in their shoes and show them they can share things with us because we get them and can empathize with them; and them, in turn realize they can share things with us because we can empathize with them . It shows them mom knows how I feel because they have accomplished laughing, when we were playing blocks, or drawing a picture or sewing a softie. It shows them frowns ups can relate to kids too, because they can also do kid things. They will know that if they cry, they will be understood too. They will learn how to relate to others.

When was the last time you stopped what you were doing to play with your kids?

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