These Korean Melons are crunchy, refreshing and the perfect after school snack. It tastes like a cross between honeydew, cantaloupe and cucumber. I don’t think I ever had one that wasn’t sweet and juicy. It’s a great fruit to quench the thirst. I grew up eating it whole with the seeds and pulp. I’ve heard that the skin is also edible (though I never did)!

It’s the perfect Spring and Summer time treat. It holds up well after being cut (it does gets a little soup from the pulp, but the crunch and shape remains the same). I can see it being the perfect thing to bring to a BBQ. After a day long day at school work, or eating BBQ all day, it is a good palette cleanser and leave you feeling like you just drank a cold glass of lemonade.

Have you ever tried this fruit? What are some of your favorite after school/work snacks?

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