img_1866-1-3066188294-1537584768126.jpg Kiva Silicone Bags are another ziplock alternative that I’ve come across in my quest to find ziplock alternatives and we were oh so happy they sent us the set to review. What are these amazingly versatile silicone bags, you might ask? Taken from their website:

Certified Food Grade Silicone is  eco-friendly and recyclable. This non-porous material inhibits bacterial growth. Its non-allergenic surface does not contain dangerous chemicals. It contains no BPA, no BPS, no BPF, no PVC, no phthalates, no petroleum, is plastic free and latex free.

Made from healthy materials , they can go conveniently from the fridge with your leftovers, to the microwave! Did I mention you can even souvide in this? You can steam it, put it in the oven, microwave, freeze and put this in your dishwasher (don’t forget to take off the sliding clip first!). My absolute favorite ways to use these have been for meal prep and storing leftovers. I have taken it to store fruit for our outings as well and love that they are much sturdier than a regular ziplock because it is thicker and provide some added protection for whatever you put in it; for us, it’s prevented mushy or smashed grapes. A Little about Kiva World

When I asked Kate, co-founder if Kiva World would they want to share about how these clever silicone bags came about, she responded with the following :

We are a growing family business from Finland. We here live very close to nature in a very ecologically caring society on one hand and very high tech on the other 🙂 We do value “green” and reusable things. It might be hard to believe, but most of the people here use their own reusable shopping bags in the grocery stores, this is amazing! We’d like to teach the rest of the world to take care of the Earth and think about the future.

Kate’s response gave me a glimpse of what inspired the silicone bags and the company’s mission to create a line of products that will reduce plastic waste in our world, as it will impact our future. I love the functional style of the bag and how it is almost exactly like a ziplock with the opening on top. The sliding mechanism was easy to slide on and off, as long as you hold the tab on top and slide it across where the arrow indicates. My husband used to request his lunch to be packed for work in a Ziplock because it takes up less space in his bag and is significantly lighter than his glass container. When he works weekends, sometimes I like to pack more than one meal for him and these ziplock have been Godsend for packing those meals. I no longer feel guilty pulling up an non-recyclable one time use ziplock. It feels good knowing the silicone is washable and he can even reuse it after he washes it for leftover meals from take-out or to seal up a half-eaten orange to bring home later on. Below, I have snippets of ways that I’ve used them. Feel free to comment below, any questions you may have in regards to our family’s experience with these bags!


Excellent storage for leftover spagetti! I have a recipe here for Pasta Bolognese that I use for my spaghetti too.

I always make fried chicken cutlets (recipe to come) in bulk because I like how fried chicken cutlets can be used in so many various ways! I prepared it as Chicken Tonkatsu that evening and served it with Bull Dog Fruit Sauce and Japanese Mayo that evening. The next day, I had the option to turn it into a chicken avocado sandwich (in which we did), chicken parmesan or chicken salad.


Filipino Onions and Ground Meat (above photos) Packed away for the next day. I will have the recipe up on the blog later on this year.

img_1248-319146871-1537586516631.jpg Easy to store Japchae noodles (above) and easy to pour them onto the pan to reheat the next day. I plan to have this recipe up on the blog later on this year.

spinach banchan
Spinach banchan (Korean side dish) leftovers


Storing away my leftover Sticky Rice with Chinese Sausage (below)

Samosa Kiva Bag
Here, I stored our unfinished Samosas. I like the options we have storing it in the Kiva Silicone bag to either put it in the fridge/ freezer and the option to heat up right from the bag.



img_2181-1 img_2186-1Here, I used it to store the red bell peppers I cut up for the corned beef hash (recipe to come) dinner later on that evening. I love that the bag can stand up on its own and I not need to mess around with plastic wrap to wrap it up in a bowl. I just tuck it in the fridge because it stands tall on its own, taking up minimal space and take it out when I need it. It is so sturdy that I can simply just take the slider off and pour the contents onto the pan. Easy, peasy! I’ve since used it to store onions, carrots, chayote, cucumbers, amongst other fruit and veggies while I meal prepped either for the evening or the next day.

I used it to prep the marinade (above photos) for the fish congee I planned make for lunch that morning.

Putting booked corn away for my Filipino Chicken Corn Soup later that night.



img_8472 I made Filipino Mung Bean Soup the other night and froze the leftovers. I love the flexibility of these bags, as they can fit well into small spaces. You even have the option of folding it over if the bag isn’t yet full to take up even less space. It can stand tall or lay flat!


I loved using these bags! They really do combine the best of both of eco friendly (you get to cut down on plastic use) and the modern world (the practically and ways to use these for all the amazing cooking things you can do with them!). It’s like the inspector gadget of the Ziplock world! Inspector gadget Kiva silicone bag, “souvide” and it shall be used for souvide; inspector gadget Kiva Silicone bag, “food prep” and it goes about being handy and easily prop-able for food prep; inspector gadget Kiva Silicone bag “heat up my food”, “freeze my food”, “store my lunch”, “bake my potato” and the list goes on! I highly recommend giving Kiva World Silicone bags a try. It will be a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you cook everyday or have food to pack and leftovers to store away regularly. This Ziplock alternative stands out in its versatility and is the most leakproof one I’ve tried out. It can be washed and used over again and again! The possibilities are endless in the creative ways you can use these. You might even have some fun experimenting, exploring and cooking in these. ***Grab these now off Amazon and use code:  Kiva.world/vip to get 10% off your Amazon purchase! Disclaimer: Affiliate links provided for your convenience. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. Used them? Please share your thoughts on these silicone bags below! Planning to try them out? How do you plan to use them?

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