b5d558e6-5bcf-4c89-b38a-6620da0c4e3a32293964_10100931778350950_5802236964170104832_n32375891_10100931780262120_1891477011310837760_n.jpgKeira is Ayla’s younger cousin. Her birthday is on May 12th and Ayla’s is on May 14th; and so, my cousin and I thought it would be perfect to have a joint celebration! See video below of the birthday party. Continue to scroll to read more about the details of the party, including what we did, food we ordered and party favors we chose.

Keira loves Peppa Pig and Ayla loves Unicorns and Skye from Paw Patrol; they both love pink and being silly! I thought of having a party at a gym type of setting since last year, but it didn’t work out because of pricing, amongst other things; but this year, I came across Bounce Trampoline in Syosset and I pitched the idea to my cousin. We both agreed it was perfect to have a bouncing theme (Peppa Pig) and flying theme (Paw Patrol Skye). The pricing worked out for us and we are glad we went thkugh with the party here, because it was really perfect. We can’t say enough good things about the staff and cleanliness of the place. The staff showed they care and truly supervised them well and played with them.

The food was also very good. We ordered pizza and a much of trays to share: penne broccoli, chicken tenders, grilled veggies (the best I’ve ever had from anywhere), buffalo wings, baked ziti and pizza. Everything was organized and set up well.

32313681_10100931777497660_4517404902095323136_nUpon arrival, we check in easily and received wristbands and slip proof socks. It was clever to have the electronic waiver available online, so the line flowed flawlessly and quickly. The children were brought from one station to the next, guided by our party hosts and children (who took turns holding the bright colored yellow flag). The spent 10-15 minutes per station and enjoyed a variety of activities from several bounce houses, to a trampoline floor, dodgeball trampoline and the favorite of all, the zip line foam pit.

At the least the end, the stations ended back at the bouncy house; which I thought was perfect because the children loved starting with it and was very happy ending there and winding to get ready to eat lunch and do the cake. I felt the kids had more than enough time to play, however, lunch and cake could’ve used an extra 15 minutes. I wouldn’t hesitate to throw another party here.

Did I mention the adults had a blast too diving into foam pits and jumping on the trampoline and playing trampoline basket ball! Everyone seemed to have fun. We appreciated also that cold water were lugged around by staff every station so children and adults were able to stay hydrated. I was pleasantly surprised Hand Sanitizer was made available for everyone to use at the lunch area or have staff maintain a line so the kids could all use it before digging in on food; but that’s just my personal preference.


We have out hand picked goody bags with unicorn poop, gummies, chocolate , Tatis, magnifying glass, phonic books and the star of our goody bag was the Activ Flyer Frisbee. We gave out the frisbees to the adults in. Our group too and everyone was throwing them around even before left the place. We liked that the flyer can be used throughout the summer for every age group. It was a great quality flyer and light enough so the kids wouldn’t get hurt throwing it or getting it by it.





Keira and Ayla had a blast with their cousins, friends, aunties and uncles! Having the right group if support makes the difference to throwing a successful and memorable party!


Here’s are a few extra video footage that didn’t make it into the video. Enjoy!


Here’s something small we did on the day of Ayla ‘s birthday. We made Strawberry Cupcakes and frosting!

Do you know of any children who love to jump and bounce? If so, a party a place such as Bounce Trampoline is the perfect place for an easy party, where kids and adults alike can have a blast!

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