Hello Everyone!

I would like to introduce you all to Mamas Got Heart!

After over 2 years of writing, cooking and reflecting, reviewing many eco friendly items, I have decided to open my own online store where you will find, “Purposeful, Practical, Fun and Mindful Goods.”

The store has a several collections curated by me:In the Eco-friendly and Wool Goods section you will find a collection of eco-friendly gift ideas from tote-bags (coming soon) that make great alternatives to cheap one time use plastic party favor or gift bags for birthdays, weddings, holidays, teacher appreciation, mother’s day, Father’s day, graduation, etc. There will be eco friendlier party supplies for birthday decorations and parties: eco friendly home gifts including dishcloths (coming soon), towels (coming soon) and other home goods (such as Fair trade wool goods from Friendsheep dryer balls and essential oils and Dzi Handmade. and toys (Tegu and other wooden toys that can be used as plastic free party favors). The Recap Lids I use to make chia puddings and overnight oats are now available (say goodbye to rusty lids!).

In the Books Collection, you will find books that are unique and interactive. e; and I am working on stocking several of the books I have reviewed here on Hopscotch Mom. Right now, we have Shadow Projection Books where the images are projected onto the wall with the beam of a flashlight (iPhone lights worked great). Travel the world with your kiddos as your explore the Around the World Seek and find book

The Dairy free Collection was inspired by my eldest daughter with dairy allergies of course! I wanted to create a place where families know first hand that the person stocking items in the store can relate with having family members with dairy allergies. I know when I was first dealing with finding dairy free snacks for Olivia, I had to look at so many places and many times, the prices are overpriced. It was sad and frustrating for me to have to look so so many places just to find tasty alternatives that used to like from my childhood like cheez- its or cheese puffs. The Earth Balance Cheddar Squares are pretty similar to Cheez-its, and yet they are dairy free! The Earth Balance White Cheddar Puffs are pretty tasty and doesn’t seem to be as salty as the non dairy free ones. I know my daughter was the most upset she couldn’t have chocolate milk like the kids at school, but I’m happy to say now I’ve found it and it makes my heart happy to know I am giving the opportunity to share it though my shop!

I am currently working on a Fundraise Collection, as well as a Grow Section (inspired by my kids who love to play in dirt and my husband who collects plants) for anyone looking to fundraiser with fun and mindful goods and offering dairy free options.

I am very excited about the PLAY Collection and I will be on a continuous journey to find plastic free or non one time use party favors! Wooden tops are coming to the shop soon. Subscribe to Mamas Got Heart newsletter for the latest and newest arrivals to the shop and where she will share blog posts of the inspiration behind my picks. I will also be adding an eco friendly non plastic wool and paper garlands!

The Pin Collection have pins where you can express yourself! Right now we have RBG Pins, a Fryannosaurus Pin, Good Vibes, Ice cream Pin and Peace Pin that can all make a great stocking stuffer and easy to send and a great way for people to express themselves.

My number one favorite gift at the shop right now is the Pocket Latte Variety Pack Bundle (3 out if 4 of the packs in the bundle are vegan, dairy free, soy free and gluten free). Each bar contains one full bar of caffeine!! As someone who usually drinks her coffee black, these bars chocolate aren’t too sweet and has a pretty strong, tasty, smooth but not bitter coffee flavor- it really is perfect! None if the flavored packs are too strong – they give the bars just the right amount of the flavor from either the Hazelnut or Lavender Vanilla. I don’t notmally like floral flavored food things, but I love the Lavender Vanilla. Treat yourself, yurself, the essential worker, the teachers, doctors and everyone you know that love coffee and could use a pick me up any time of the day. If you spend $100 or more on Pocket Latte, you can get 20% off your Pocket Latte Order wit code gift20.

Thank you for your inspiration and support over the years leading me to launch this Mamas Got Heart!!!

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