The title says it all. This was one of the easiest premade dinners ever featuring:

–> Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan

We started with the Naan and took it straight out from the freezer. Preheated the oven to 400F following the instructions on the package and baked for 10 minutes (we baked it for 13minutes). We liked the very Garlicky flavor of the Naan, but wished it was fluffier- the texture was more crispy- not bad, and it was the perfect medium for picking up the chickpeas (no spoon needed to eat or clean after).

–> Sukhi’s Roasted Tomato Curry with Kale and Chickpeas

This was one of the pickup items from our Costco haul today. It’s premade and ready to eat as soon as you heat it up. We heated ours on a pan.

We always get this for a quick weeknight meal or a long work week because it’s easy to heat up, convenient and easier to store in fridge or freeze for later; or pack for hubby’s lunch (and I just have to make rice or quinoa to go with it). It contains a substantial amount of chickpeas and decent amount of kale. Each set comes with 2 pouches; one pouch can feed 2 adults.

We love this and how it’s just the right amount of spicy for us to enjoy without having to add red pepper flakes or drink water with every bite–it’s perfect. It’s more like a coconut based flavor, a bit creamy, slightly sweet and not too salty.

–> Lolailo Sangria

We picked this up from Costco today too– it’s the first time we had it– it was very, very good. It was the perfect sangria with a great fruity flavor that taste like it came from actual fruit and not just a fruit flavored drink . It was perfection, when served over ice. It was stronger when started the meal and mellowed it as the ice melted and diluted the flavor a little–it was a great transition from start to end.

It actually complemented our meal pretty well tonight. It was the ideal summer sangria that we needed to brighten up the meal. Having just garlic naan and the curry can go very monotonous quickly and the sangria was a great palette cleanser between bites.

It was as good sipped and savored, or gulped down. We have a family trip coming up in July with the cousins; and we may load up on this and see what adding more fresh fruit can do to further boost its flavor (even though it truly is amazing on its own).

We love Costco and Trader Joe’s and how they always have many new things for us to try from all different countries ; plus their return policy for things you try and don’t like is top notch. A shopping trip to either of those places (and any specialty market-Chinese, Korean, Middle Eastern, Filipino…you get the idea) is like a mini vacation, traveling the world in its own little way. What are some of your favorite finds at Trader Joe’s or Costco?

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