What is art? Why do people go to museums? Why is it intriguing about people connecting through art, sharing through art, healing through art? What is art? Why do people discuss art? Why are children drawn to it? How can art open a person up? Art is never wrong because it is based on a person’s perception; it is never wrong because it’s how you see things. Art is open to discussion; it is multi-dimensional and can be anything you want. People speaking and versing their voice is art. A person crying, is expressive; is art. A person who is drawing what inspires him; is art. A person writing; is art. A person’s daily routines and encounters; is art. Art is a commonality we all have one way or another. Art is living and learning; growing and striving; falling and hurting; it is love. Art is something usually not prioritized and can often be the first to be cut in schools or when budgets are tight… but why? Yes, a well balanced education is important for preparing us for our careers in the unforeseeable future; but is going to school and getting excellent grades, getting prestigious and well paying jobs guaranteed to be the preset for happiness in one’s life? Life is about human interactions, connect, sharing… love. Life is about being human; about helping others and sharing happiness. When are people happiest?

I mentioned in a previous post, that my daughter had asked me to take a photo of the heart cloud on the way to the park; this has inspired this all; it served as a gentle reminder to enjoy the the simple joys in life. And so…

I started a #hashtag on Instagram to bring people together and to embrace the simple joys. No matter where you are in the world right now, do you ever see clouds from time to time?

I’d like for you to partake in the means


A R T; for people everywhere who wants

to connect and share the beauty of

being able to connect with anyone from

around the world, no matter who or

where they are from, because just being

alive is an A R T in itself.

1-State the country and/or in which you are from.

2-Go for a walk yourself; look out the window; walk with your kids, your friend or mentor and look up!

3-Snap a photo of a cloud

4- Fill in the blank for the following

❤️ “I see in the cloud a__________; what do you see?”

❤️❤️Please tag me @hopscotch_mom

❤️❤️❤️And hashtag your post #iseeinthecloud

I’ll start us off…

New York City, United States of America. I see in the cloud, a heart…what do you see?



NYC, USA. I see in the cloud, an eagle; what do you see?



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