Usually you hear kids say “Thank you for everything mom and dad. Happy Thanksgiving!”

Kids are almost always prompted to share why they are thankful and how and who they are thankful for.

But on Thanksgiving, have you ever asked yourself who you are thankful for? Did your kids ever ask you that question?

One Thanksgiving Day, it dawned upon me that I, the parent, should be (and am) the thankful one.

Thankful for the love they give me…unwavering, pure and true.

Thankful for their hugs and smiles everyday and every night.

Thankful for the day the way they stroke my hair and kiss my cheek just because .

Thankful for the way they gaze at me and see the best of me always, even when I’m not looking my best .

Thankful for the kids being non- judgemental and honest.

Thankful for their grace when I know I shouldn’t have raised my voice when I had gotten upset earlier and then them, telling me it’s ok not to be perfect.

Thankful for their encouragement when I failed at something terribly, like a craft or a recipe gone wrong.

Thankful for their thoughtfulness when they see I am tired and they try to surprise me by cleaning up.

Thankfully they say sorry when they think they are inconveniencing me, even though I know it is okay for kids to not like something or change their mind more than once.

Thankful for their forgiveness when I have my bad days and grumpy days even without even having to ask them.

Thankful for their good nature and always seeing the good.

Thankful for their immense gratitude for just me trying to be a good mom to them.

Thankful for their trust in me as their mom, to love them, to protect them and know that I will always be there for them.

Thankful my my children, truly angels here on earth; my angels, my loves, my everything. Thank YOU for being you! I love you Olivia, Ayla and Esme to infinity and beyond.

Note: I know this post was posted past Thanksgiving, but it is just something that I just had to share before the 2022 arrives. So many happenings the last 2 years with COVID and the pandemic. I’ve spent so much time with my kids- even more so than the other years and I never want to forget the feeling, the realization of TRULY, how grateful I am to have you as my children and to be your mom.

Have you ever reflected on why you are grateful for your kid(s)? Add on to my “poem” or share your reason on why you are grateful for your kids below!

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