Have you picked out your Christmas tree yet this year? Do you love unique plants and Winter Wonderland? Maybe all the holiday shopping online has been draining you of the Christmas spirit? Living in New York all my life, I really can’t believe I’ve ever been here. My husband found this place and we have been meaning to go for years now, but we never had a chance to, until now. It will now be a yearly trek to Long Island to visit Hick’s Nurseries. You come here and you feel as if you’ve traveled in time, back into childhood if days that beautiful trees and ornaments filled your eyes with awe, minds with magic and heart with joy. Come and reminisce on those nostalgic memories of childhood days, where you learn to live in the moment and appreciate the little things that spark great joy.

Here is a post, almost made entirely of my Picture Walk (if you are just tuning in now to my blog, I often include Picture Walks in most or all my blog posts because I am a very visual person, I love taking photos and find beauty in everything I see or experience– I love telling stories of experiences through images I capture).

Enjoy everyone!

Picture Walk


    img_4369.jpg        img_4380.jpgimg_4408.jpgimg_4409.jpgimg_4414.jpgimg_4436.jpgimg_4441.jpgimg_4458.jpgimg_4463.jpgimg_4476.jpgimg_4483.jpgimg_4507.jpg

Snow Pea Snack- The kids and I thought it looked a bit like a Christmas tree!


We didn’t come home with a real tree this year, as we do have a mini pine tree at home (that we ended up decorating, along with this unique piece we picked up at Hick’s Nurseries). I know, I know, nothing beats a real tree: the smell, the beauty and feeling of being in the presence of a good old Christmas tree; but just for this year, we have our little lightbulb tree. We will photos of the finished tree later on this month! It’s pretty magical too. All the little ornaments we collected and were gifted throughout the years, make it perfect, no matter what tree we have or make.

One thing I also wanted to mention as well, is that they even have a line where you can meet Santa! We didn’t feel like waiting on that long line, but if that’s something in your to do list for the holidays with the kids, come and do it here.  If you also want to opt out of Santa photos, there are plenty of photo opportunities. There are benches inviting you to sit and take a photo in front of the gigantic tree and outdoors too, even where you pick trees.

If you do get to go, please feel share your experience there. Did you have a favorite section? Which part of the place resonates with your memories of Christmas, when you were a child?

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