I already mentioned in a prior post that Grady’s Cold Brew is our absolute favorite cold brew coffee and the easiest to make. We loaded up last week because we are gifting a tin can each for our kids’ teachers this beginning school year, along with the Join in and Play book by Cheri J Meiners  to help jumpstart their school year.

Most of the goodies for the Back to School Giveaway for Hopscotch Mom’s upcoming Half Year Blog Celebration (with a Back to School theme) are for the kids, but this can was chosen to be included as a giveaway treat for the parents/guardians, courtesy of Grady’s Cold Brew (thanks so much!). Who doesn’t love free gifts?

If you’re not a coffee drinker, you can also chose to gift this item to your child’s teacher or any other coffee fan in your life to enjoy.

It’s so simple to make. We use the Balls Brand 3 cup mason jars, fill it to the 2 cup line ( we used one bean bag here) with filtered water and thats it. We wait a day or few and its ready to use. Our favorite way is over ice and slightly sweetened with a splash of milk ( we’ve used Oatley’s oat milk and it a great non-dairy alternative). Have I mentioned that the coffee bean bags are compostable?! Just be careful when you take it out from the jar so it doesn’t all break ( I broke it once, one of the first times we made this).

BONUS: Keep the empty cans to store art supplies like markers, craft sticks, pencils and markers.


4df200c9-d678-42f6-9c34-a05986297b44I highlighted a Snow Peak Titanium Spork in a prior post as another item in the giveaway. I will continue to post tidbits of all the prize items, until all the items are eventually covered. The Spork was the utensil that was usually sent with Olivia’s home packed school lunch last year. I liked the one I used last year, but felt it didn’t hold enough liquids. I purchased three this summer to test out before deciding on this giveaway item and I’m happy to say I love it. How cool is a Spork that is colored via ionization process? Though I must say, when I first washed it, I thought the color was coming off, but i emailed them about it and they said it is just part of how the color of the spoon is created; I suppose like a mood color changing ring, in which the hue changes from time to time based on the temperature of your hand when you hold it or the temperature of water you use when you wash it. I don’t mind the rustic look, in fact, I actually love the look of the somewhat worn spork. If you are not a fan of the somewhat color changing aspect of it, they also have it in the typical silver color you see in regular utensils. I don’t have that one, so I can’t comment on that.

These Snow Peak Titanium Sporks are also Made in Japan! I love how pretty and lightweight they are. A huge bonus is that there’s a hole at the end of the handle that you can attach at the end to your child’s lunchbox with string, so your child doesn’t lose it at school. I don’t know how many spoons I lost or Olivia must’ve thrown out with her lunch or napkin by mistake. I’m eager to see if the tying string to handle and lunch box will work this year. I’ll be sure to update later on this year. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, as sometimes, I may do an extra post here or there that’s not on the blog here. I’ll be doing several posts before the giveaway sometime in mid- August explaining the other contents that were chosen for the giveaway. Stay tuned and have a wonderful day, everyone!

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