Hi all! Just wanted to share the scavenger hunt I made for my kids this Easter since we will all be home. I will test it out Sunday and see how it goes.

Update: Tested it put this morning and there is a slight hiccup. You can either put the last 2 clues together, or you can write your own prompt on where to find the last clue.

All you have to do is to print out this template and get some little goodies and hide them where you put their clues. Here are some of the goodies I will be hiding. The Unreal Mms were my favorite find this year- they are dairy free and naturally colored Mms- they taste wonderful and you can have them with quinoa crispies, peanuts, milk chocolate (not dairy free):

You can save the “big” prize at the end if you plan to have one. This is one I plan to do with the girls. With all the hand washing we’ve been doing, this seems like a fun and easy activity where you simply mix water with the powder and you get a frosting you can put on top of the soap cupcake base- not to mention it comes with colorful decorations and toppers- you can put your own toys on top too! My favorite is that it comes in a case that can be recycled into an art case and it is also under $10:

You can hide bags of snacks along the way and make a Spring Trail Mix. For.example:

You can tell the kids these are clues to a recipe you will be making together such as a rainbow cake:

We put Tamagotchis as their “big” and final prize. Last Spring, we got them a squirrel proof bird feeder amd it was the best purchase ever for bird watching. We have a finch couple that came back even this year and a pair of red cardinals as well.

These shadow themed books are magical! the image beams to the wall and the kids love thekr stories projected to the wall.So many themes to choose from. A phone flashlight workds great for it.

We haven’t tested these water bottles out yet, but we got these since they’re home these days and we wanted larger bottles so we dont have to refill it as often. I will add the review to the favorite stainless steel water bottle reviews post after explore them. we also like to gift practical things. The stainless steel plate set is great for providing a fun and interative eating experience and there is always a space for a variety of food. The girls also all have their own stainless steel training chopsticks that they use for sushi, noodles and picnics. It keeps them busy and slows down their eating and acts as an activity too-not to mention it works on their hand control and grasp ( like for pencil holding).

Some more favorite books for any occasion gifting!

Grab a basket or a bag and have a great Scavenger hunt!

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