My favorite part of the day is when the girls all get bath time together. Since Olivia’s been in PreK this year, I look forward for when she gets home from school to take a bubble bath with her sisters. They were all used to getting to see their big sister everyday, until she started school. It’s a big change. The kids know and they feel it. They miss each other’s company. I miss her and I look forward to it.

I look forward to it because they are together. They get to bond, laugh and most importantly, relax. I hear their talk and see them play joyfully. I sit and I get to relax too. It’s a break I take completely guilt free. Bath time is a time when the television isn’t on, when we are not rushing to get anywhere and when I’m not clearing the dishes in the kitchen while they are free playing amongst themselves. It’s a privilege to get to able to just be in the moment with them and we are all happy and relaxed.

Do you have a favorite part of the day with your children?

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