We started this weekend of Father’s Day and birthday fun by baking Pignoli Cookies (Almond Pine nut Cookies) with the kids . These are one of my husband’s favorite cookies! It was the first time we made it at home and it came out very tasty! We will definitely be making it again, perhaps for the next holiday gathering or before that if I can’t wait! You can see more about how we made the cookies and get the full recipe here.

T I E- D Y E

The girls and I created tie-dye shirts using fabric markers, rubberbands, T-shirts and gloves. So easy, almost mess free and practical since he can wear it in and out of the house. They came out quite unique and each shirt had its own color theme based on which child decorated it. I have my full post here on how we made these shirts!


We spent most of my husband’s Birthday in the park watching the kids laugh run, laugh and remembering how little they were when we first started taking them to this park. Birthdays these days are simple and best, when you are surrounded by those you love and seeing them do things they are happiest doing , which makes you the happiest too.


Fathers and father figures and all do more for us than we will ever know. I used to be much more upset being alone with the kids while my husband spent so many days working. I was frustrated I was up all night, alone at times. I was frustrated that I had to cook, clean (attempt to), do activities and give baths, stories, potty duties, laundry and everything alone at times.

I recently had a conversation with one of my go to family members and after speaking to her, I came to an epiphany on just how hard husbands work too. Being a nurse can be demanding (no matter what person, everyone has their own battles to deal with everyday) all the time and hours dealing with patients, their families and staff; standing on your feet, procedures and all is not a walk in the breeze either. I’m sure the mental load is also a lot. I’ve learned this year to be a bit more understanding and patient.

We are a partnership; we need to understand each other and communicate. It’s not a competition on who is more tired. It’s about helping the other one out in any way you can to show you are in tune with the other. If he’s had a stretch of days back to back at work, I know he’ll miss some home cooked meals (I used to pack him several meals for these long stretches, but cut down to just a few now, if I can after we had 3 kids), and I’ll try my best to cook something that’s his favorite or add extra veggies because he loves veggies and eating take out or Trader Joe’s every other day isn’t going to cut it for the recommended veggie intake for a grown person. If he needs that extra 15 minutes nap in the afternoon at home, he will go ahead and take it; if I’m the one who’s needed it, I will be the one to take it. If I’m having a long week, he’ll sometimes ask if I would like him to bring food home so I don’t have to cook for a day.

Reminiscing on my father and all the other father figures that I am grateful for who are in my life, friends with husbands, I realize how hard everyone works. Everyone is tired in their own way, mentally, physically, both? Mothers and fathers; everyone strives to do their best for themselves and their families because they treasure each other and care about the welfare of the other. These days, I learn that despite all of that, the thing to take away from all this reflecting is to just be with who you love and spend time with them. Chores, errands and tasks can wait until you feel replenished and ready to catch up on. Taking that trip to the park to capture endless laughter between your kids and their siblings is priceless and can even be that refresher you needed to take on all that load that awaits you at home, work or wherever you are, where your loved ones aren’t.

Wishing my husband a very Happy Father’s Day and a Very Happy Birthday! I hope he will always know how much the girls and I appreciate all he does for our family.

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