A few months late, but finally found the energy to write this post on Esme’s Pikachu Inspired Birthday Party. Esme’s favorite color is yellow and for some reason somehow, she was simply just drawn to Pikachu.

I created several activities for the birthday party based on what I’ve researched on Pikachu (scroll all the way down if you are looking for the supply list):

Pikachu Bean Bag Toss

–> Because Pikachu love red foods

Pin the Electric Shocks on Pikachu’s Cheeks

–> Because Pikachu gets charged when he sleeps

Pikachu Maze

–> Did you know Pikachu is a mouse?

Pikachu Animal Hopsital

–> Because Pikachu is different from Other Pokémons and doesn’t like to be in the pokeball– he likes to be out with his pal, Ash. He also likes to help others. And so, we made a Animal Hospital where Pikachu gets to show kindness by taking care of pets that have been “hurt”.

Pikachu Red Light, Green Light 1,2,3

–> Don’t wake Pikachu! He needs sleep to recharge. I remember playing this game in elementary school during recess.

Here goes the Picture Walk

The grown ups that come for support that don’t have children get to take home one grown up pokeball as their party favor

These are the different games or agenda for the day!

The kids all helping me pack the goody bags


I made these felt bandaids that “really work” for the doggies

Chinese Birthday Noodles Tradition

Filipino Party Food- Hotdogs with Marshmallows

Bean Toss with Red Food (snacks and candy) : It started with one at a time, but everyone started to throw and regardless, they fed Pikachu all the red foods that he wanted!

Lift up the bean toss game once every child gets a turn and collect the candy underneath!

I had cardboard scissors and repurposed the bean toss game and turned it into Pin the Electric Shocks on Pikachu to charge him! Cardboard scissors make it a million times easier to cut cardboard. I’ve used them to make props, amongst other school and craft related things.

We used the mouse headbands as blindfolds and wrote each child’s name on the dots they put. Winner gets a small prize.



All About Pikachu Book– lots of information here were used to inspire the games


Friendsheep Wool Eco-friendly Dryer Balls

Pikachu Tattoos (some people out this on for the party)

Pokémon Decal Stickers (can be used to decorate laptops, notebooks, etc)

Pokeball capsule container

Pokémon figurines to fit pokeballs

-“Mouse” headbands that double as a blindfold for Pin the Electric Shocks (the kids love to use this after their shower to prevent their wet hair from touching their backs- stays on well and comfy too)

Squishes (these get dirty easy, but it can be rinsed in the water– I love any toy that can be sensory- stretching these are so much fun)


Lychee Gummy Candy (we used the little gummy packets, but individually packed twizzlers could work too) used for the bean toss

Ketchup because its Pikachu’s favorite thing to eat (we had them with fries)

Ketchup Flavored Potato Stix or Chips


Felt bandaids (I made these using felt, velcro and hot glue gun)

-Dog Carrier ( yellow cardboard favor boxes were cut to make a door that can flap open or close–the kids can use it as a home for their doggy even after they take it home)

Long plush dogs or animals (arms will be band aided during one of the activities)


-Large cardboard box with Pikachu drawn/painted or glued on (if you decide to get a poster to print or glue it onto the cardboard instead (or you can just buy a regular bean toss game and put Pikachu Stickers to decorate it). The kids used watercolor gel crayons to color it quickly- it smidges a little, but it colors quickly because of how well it glides.


Red dot Stickers (for the kids’ cheeks and for to PIN)

**Note- Red Stickers should come off after the game– especially if your child has sensitive skin–my kids had it on the entire time and it left their cheek a little light pink- not itchy, just pink (just a FYI).

**Note- Leftover Stickers can be used to label books or label paid books for book sales ( I donated some for my kids’ book fair for kids that purchase small items, but don’t need a large bag)


Yarn to look around two chairs to make a maze. Try to make the strings evently distributed- at first most of the string were on the top and bottom, with little in the middle part and it was just too easy and no challenge at all. If you have a large space and good tape, you can even tape it in a hallway).

Optional: Electric Ball (we used this prop when we had Olivia’s Thunderstorm Inspired Birthday Party)

You can find the video clip of the Pikachu Party in Hopscotch Mom’s Facebook. Have you every thrown a Pikachu party? What are things you would add to this party? Share your insights in the comments below!

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