We had Esme’s first birthday at Twinkle Playspace in Brooklyn. We loved this place because it was the ultimate children’s Playspace. When you first enter, you see the beautiful lights that say “Twinkle” and you already feel the magic in this place. You take off your shoes upon arrival and store them on a hanging shoe stand surrounded by pretty white clouds. The walls where beautifully painted with tree murals (excellent as a background for photos).

Kids had props such as gowns and tiaras for dress up and shopping carts, complete with cash register for supermarket shopping and even an ice cream shop.

There was an indoor roller coaster with padded floor where kids can ride safely and a small trampoline jump area. There was a whirlpool ball contraption where the ball swirls down like a tornado, as the kids throw them in after picking them up from the water.

The giant slides were long and fast enough for even the adults in the party to enjoy. There was also a small climbing obstacle for the kids to go with either alone or with adults.

Toddlers even had a section where they could ride on the mini baby friendly carousel, surrounded by baby friendly toys and plush dolls; there was even a small section where there were pet rabbits for you to see.

A construction station have sand and construction bests and helmets and an impressive arrays of construction vehicles and sand toys.

Believe it or not, there’s still more to this place. There is a dragon that you feed silk scarves and it eventually blows them all out after they are stuffed enough and the colorful arrays of scarves float freely onto the ground. It’s a magical feeling to have have rainbow scarves fall over you like rain.

The party room was beautifully decorated with the theme we chose, “Under the Sea” where there were colorful jelly fish hanging from the ceiling, treasure heats with pearls, aquatic animal themed water guns, shark fins, tutus and pearls for the children to wear. The cake and cupcakes were beautifully decorated and the sandwiches that were included in the birthday package came from a local sandwich shop and were delicious! The children had pizza and juice. The children and adults seemed to have had a blast!

Kids got to take home a goody bag (that you chose ahead of time). I chose the sand art activity set:) My very talented cousin who created the bunny themed topper, also created these cute bunny cookies as an additional party favor. Esme loved the bunny we got her when she was born, so My cousin knew she had a social place on her heart for bunnies:)

Have you every thrown a party at an indoor Playspace? What is your favorite part of throwing a party at a Playspace? For me, it was pretty much everything: no need to food plan, create goody bags and the large space! I especially love that there is zero clean up afterwards.

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