This song is everything I want to share with children and adults everywhere (myself included), sang though  a song, illustrated and animated to perfection! Every person in this entire world I’m sure can relate; to want to connect; to be loved; to love; it is a beautiful commonality.

Children should know they are loved; that they are important; that they matter; that they are special and do anything they set their mind to. The world we live in is so fast paced; and life itself can be intimidating.But… the world is also beautiful; filled with different people of all cultures and backgrounds; beauty in nature; beauty in love, faith and hope; beauty in the animals and beauty in life; beauty in that we can create art; create life; make decision; create memories; meet each other; learn and grow for all of our lives. We must give our children the love and tools they need to grow to be kind, empathetic and confident individuals; the wisdom to know how to take it easy sometimes; to relax; to breath; that it is okay to make mistakes; that everything will be okay; that we are always learning in life; that they aren’t alone; that they are loved.

I found the artist, Edie Art through a friend who met her at Union Square Market one year. I immediately followed her on Instagram because I could not get enough of her beautiful artwork. Currently, she is working on a project called, Conscious Cuts, “…a publishing platform tat brings together indwells and art.” Their first big project is a picture book collection for children that will consist of seven stories for kids, celebrating mindfulness. I am proud to say I am obsessed with her artwork. Ever since I watched this music video of the song , “In Dreams (You are Loved) by Jai Jagadeesh that she illustrated, I could not stop watching or listening to it ( My kids will be listening to this all day tomorrow, dancing to it with their ribbon streamers haha).

So take a break from your daily stress, warm up a nice cup hot of tea, hot chocolate or beverage of your choice and watch this; listen to the lyrics. I am pretty sure you can go to bed feeling dreamy and hopeful; having sweet dreams.

Edie Art says:

“Childhood is a central theme of her work. The characters in her pictures are amazed by the world around them. They fly in hot air balloons, perch on tree branches and walk hand in hand through beguiling, fantastic landscapes…Art is not really about a learned technique, not about speculation of what a listener/viewer will hear/see, not really about re-creating. It is about just opening certain channels and letting light and darkness flow. Just as they naturally would. It’s about daring to give up any control over these things that art is NOT about. It’s about capturing a moment, a glimpse, an idea, a feeling. It’s about going into a place where nothing else exists except for the moment and the act of creating.”

Enjoy the art and music! Go follow her on Instagram and subscribe to get updates on her work. Also remember, YOU ARE LOVED.

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