Happy Earth Day!

This was the year I started to contribute towards composting. The compost bins became available in the neighborhood I live in and Biobag sent me one of theirs, just the past year to use in my own kitchen. You can read more about my review of their compostable and biodegradable bags here.

No, I do not do this every single day. It’s as if everyday, there is so much to do and clean, that its difficult to find the energy to collect all the extras for composting. Some days, I’m tired and I admittedly just toss everything in to the trash…there is no space on the counter and no energy to take the compost bin out. But to the best I can, I try. I know its good for the environment. My kids have seen me toss enough stuff to the little compost bin to know it will all be turned into soil and happily tosses their banana peel or orange peels, whenever they can. Its the little steps and efforts and mindful decisions to beautify the earth that matters. Knowledge, really is power. So I urge you in this post that knowing is a step and doing is another step. Doing to the best of your ability is enough. And when you have energy and time to one day do it regularly, it becomes a lifestyle and the earth will thank you!

Compost Art Reflection:

I watched as layers and layers of egg shells, coffee grinds, vegetable peels and apple cores get tossed into the compost bin.

The more we add in, the more beautiful it gets, layer by layer, piece by piece.

Individual pieces of everything all getting thrown away all break down, until one day, it turns into something beautiful and useful together.

Everything that was meant to be useless, broken, and tossed into a waste basket eventually turns into something fruitful for all the earth.

It reminds me of the world we live in…no one is perfect, yet when everyone works collaboratively, earth becomes a richer place. 

All this inspired me to create this page of compost art…and remind me of how beautiful nature is!






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