I first came across Doodle Hog a few weeks ago when I purchased their 36 Count NOYO Gel Crayons. I was drawn first glance because of how pretty it was and loved their hedgehog logo and design. I was impressed by the vibrant colors and ease of use. Olivia also calls it the “magic crayon” because they keep her hands clean.The crayon just glides flawlessly across the page (but more on that in another post).

These markers were provided by Doodle Hog for review and I must say I am a fan! I have tried a different brand in the past and though their colors were fine, they leaked and were so heavy it often bled through pages. The ink on the other brand of dab markers I had would time to time sit in one place, making for uneven looking dots with half of the dot created looking dark and wet , while the other half of the same dot would be faint and lighter.

This morning I tried to get the kids in the mood for Spring and talked about how Spring was coming up this week and discussed some of the signs of Spring. We spoke about how the weather will hopefully be warm soon, how some animals are hatched in the Spring time, bears and foxes come out of hibernation, and how flowers grew. We love flowers at our house and all things colorful! They all agreed excitedly that they wanted to draw flowers. Here are some of their creations!

Olivia’s Spring Garden- She used blue, her favorite color to make her flowers. Apparently the seeds are blowing around in the Spring breeze. She says that the purple grapes and lemons are also growing in Spring.

Close up of Olivia’s 🐞. There wasn’t black in the set of markers, so we improvised and used the black Doodle Hog Gel Crayon instead. It turned out really well! The addition of the crayon gave the picture dimension and texture. It was like a rugged little ladybug.

Ayla’s Spring Garden- Of course she chooses pink, her absolute favorite color! I helped her with the first two flowers and she did the rest! She showed me how the markers were able to stand on its own after she took the cap off and put it on the back. It stayed on well and was less likely to get lost. I also loved that the marker itself was clearly labeled with the colors’ names. It was very easy to use and I didn’t even have to show them how to take the cap off.Esme’s Spring Garden- she loves yellow and usually chooses yellow for the majority of her drawings, but today, she was inspired to add on green leaves for her flowers and added on some red for her flowers.

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I plan to try them out with stencils next! I saw there was a stencil kit Doodle Hog sells as well. If you visit their page, they also have resources for parents and educators (coloring sheets). Have you ever tried out Dab and Dot markers? What are some activities you like to do with them?

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