Have you ever had the premide salmon or tuna poke bowl you get at Whole Foods or Costco?

After trying them a few times, I was inspired to make my own version at home. Who knew that it was actually so simple to make?


Any kind of fish really (I broke up pan seared salmon— you can used smoked salmon, sushi grade tuna/salmon, shrimp and probably canned tuna too/ chicken)

Mayo (preferably Kewpie Mayo- I used Hellman’s today)

Sriracha hot sauce

Soy Sauce



Sushi rice


Seaweed Snackpack (cut into strips)


1- Scoop your sushi rice.

2- Add topping of your choice.

3- Cut avocado into cubes and toss with sauce: gently with mayo/sriracha (about half and half), just a small touch of soy sauce and a squeeze of lemon.

Note: If you are doing cubes smoked salmon, or sushi grade tuna or cooked shrimp/chicken, you can toss the sauce with your protein instead of tossing it with the avocado.

4- Sprinkle a generous amount of furikake all over.

That’s all! So simple, yet very satisfying if you’re craving poke bowl but don’t want to pay over $10 a bowl.

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